Apr 2, 2017

My Mental Goals 2017

'Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible' Tony Robbins 

Happy April!!!! I didn't know what to write today so I took a post from my other blog

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1. Find the right therapist 

       Of course this is the main goal. I admit I have a problem and need help. It appears I can not help myself over come these problems

2. Self harm less

    This could say stop self harming but I want to be realistic. Self harming is an addiction, one that is not easy to get over. I don't think I can over come this in just a year 

3. Find a job

     That is of course unless my blogs get more success and I could make a living from them. Though I think I would still have a part time job

4. Find a boyfriend

    This I have not got due to my social anxiety. So with the help of the therapist, I think this could happen. I have been single for way too long 

5. Get out of the house more

    It is hard for me to go to the store alone even. I am supposed to see a Justin Bieber concert in August in a city that is a few miles away from mine ALONE so I need to get out more

6. Get away from my dog more

    I love my baby boy, he is my helper. Leaving him more would be good for not only me but for him also. That way he can be fine when I do go to the concert

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