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Apr 27, 2017

# FabbleMoon Original

Escaping Life

Hey there Moontales :)

We all have something that makes us feel relief.
Something that helps us forget life struggles.

My mom is going tanning. Being locked in the room for 15 minutes makes her feel away from life horrors.

For me it is writing. I like to write. I mainly write words about depressing things. I also like to sleep.
Both sleep and writing, I can escape and create a world of my own. I can have the life I want. No self harming, confidence, friends, looks....

Why am I even saying this? 

Recently I have been feeling down, if you read my recent post here then you would know that. And we all need a refresher from life sometimes.

I just want to remind you that it is ok to take a step back. It is ok to escape the world. Life sucks sometimes. No life sucks most of the time. Escaping life, even if it's for 15 minutes, will do great for your health, mind, weight, mood...


Down in the comments I want you to tell me what you use to escape the world?? I want you to find this escape

Do you write? Do you sing?
 If you like to dance then that can be your escape. Anything that makes you feel free to be your own self.

Playing sports? Watching sports? Playing video games even

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Have a great day :)


  1. I escape or find peace in writing as well, and also crochet. Keeping my fingers busy, and my creativity flowing always seems to help! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    1. I always admired people who can crochet, Erin. I think it is wonderful talent. Thank you

  2. Write on! Sometimes it helps to escape through new experiences. You don't have travel far or spend a lot of money--even something as small as exploring a nearby town you've never been to or trying a new tea can change your pace.

    1. Oh wow I love this idea Mia :) I never thought of exploring a new town. I am going to have to try this

  3. I focus on my schoolwork! When my personal life is in shambles, my grades are without fail, almost perfect. I can't control boys breaking up with me, or what my friends say to me, but I can control my grades. It always seems to help, unless, you know, school is the problem :)


    1. Haha I agree Nicole. I think even when you have school problems, focusing on something like school work helps. It helped me back in my school days :)

    2. Haha I agree Nicole. I think even when you have school problems, focusing on something like school work helps. It helped me back in my school days :)


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