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Apr 20, 2017

# writing help

6 Best Writing Prompt for Writers

Hey there Moontales :)

Are you an inspiring writer who is looking for some inspiration to help write? Are you a writer who is currently in a writer's block? Well then you came to the right blog. My name is Tiana and I am going to give you some writing prompts

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Good Luck


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1. You find an egg while walking in the woods one day. Write how you found the egg, what you do with the egg, if you keep the egg then say what is in it. Does the egg cause destruction?

2. You wake up from a nap to find that you are now an animal. You must figure out a way to get back to being a person before night falls and you are stuck as an animal forever

3. You are on the edge of the Empire State Building. There is another person there that you never seen before. This person says 'Come with me or jump.' How did you get there? Who is this person? What do you decide to do? 

4. Your parents tell you on your 18th birthday something is going to happen to you. Your 18th birthday is in 2 days

5. The lights go off, you hear an unfamiliar voice. This voice calls you name, then says 'Run'. The lights go back on, you don't see anyone around. What do you do?? 

6. You could have any super power you want. The catch- you must kill a loved one before you get it

I hope these were helpful for you. Make sure to follow the blog so you can see my interpretations of all these stories

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