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Mar 19, 2017

# FabbleMoon Original # moonshine

Meeting My Dad

Hey there :) 

So last we left off, Moonshine went back to the woods where she met who the mysterious eyes belonged to. This time she is confronting her mom about what she learned from the eyes. 

Link to the first 2 parts is down below
Part 1
Part 2

This post is a bit different. It takes place as Moonshine writes in her diary. At the end is a special Moonpup diary. Leave a comment if you want more of this story or another Moonshine story. Enjoy


Dear diary,

I know its been a month since i wrote in here but things have been insane. Turns out the man my mom is married to isn't my real dad :0 i know. Let me back track 

Last month was Jazzabells party. Her house isn't far so i walked. In ordered to get there walking, you have to go threw woods. I saw eyes in the woods. They felt familiar, hypnotized me. Scared me so I ran away

The next night i went back to the woods to investigate. The eyes was a man, a man who claimed he was my father and a vampire. I was shocked, scared. Again I ran away

A few days later I asked mother if she knew a Robert. She was shook, began crying. 

            'Sorry mama. I didn't mean to make you cry. Its just that I saw him the other day and he said to ask you about him'

           'What you say him? Where?' Mom 

     'In the woods mama. Mama can I ask you a question.' I asked her

Mom put her hand on my shoulder and said 'sure baby anything' 

          'Is he my real dad?' 

 She pulled me close to her & ran her fingers through my hair as she replied,
         'Yes my dear he is. We had problems after you were born. He had to leave. I wanted to tell you sooner hun but i just didn't know how'

          'It's ok mama i understand. Is he a vampire? Am I a vampire? Are you a vampire? Is there such things as vampires?' 
I asked her about my real dad so I had to ask her about this also. Was I prepared for the answer? Not really but I had to know

 She told me I was not part vampire and this man lied. But I am part wolf. It all makes sense as to why I love the moon so much. I feel at peace at night during a full moon. I was even born on a full moon. Somehow it always is a full moon on my birthday. Odd I know but true 😨😨 

See diary this is why I have been away. How do you take in all of this? I have not seen my 'real dad' since last month. I am confused and scared and just in complete shock. 

I must get some rest. Writing all this & thinking of all this getting me confused. Till next time . 


Moonpup here. Moonshine has found out she is part wolf. She does not know I am her protector. Been here since she was born, will be her until she dies. We are combined by soul.

 I was chosen and I couldn't have been picked for a better person. Moonshine is incredible to me. She is truly a great person. I wish the best for her

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