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Mar 14, 2017

Am I normal Part 2

So a few months ago I did a post called 'Am I Normal' read here
Basically explaining all the odd things my brain thinks of.

I decided I have even more to share. I find myself thinking of these things every so often. So here is 'Am I Normal Part 2'

My question- Do you think like this also?? Comment down below


It's hard to explain so I will try my best.

  •  I see my dog. I get sad that he can't use the computer, talk... It upsets me.
  •  I hear the cats outside. All alone in the freezing cold/ boiling hot weather. No body to love them or feed them. Getting into fights, sleeping worrying if someone will attack them
  • I would hate to be them. And wonder if I die will I get reborn as a dog or homeless cat or bird.
  • I don't want to buy many things since I know I will eventually die. What will happen to them when I die? No one is going to want my things. Epically if I don't have kids to hand it down to. They will just wind up in the trash if I die. So why buy it? 
  • I always put myself in my dogs shoes. I am on my phone when he is sleeping. He doesn't get the chance to wear sunglasses so why should I

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