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Feb 28, 2017

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How to Make Your Hotel room More Homely

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Staying in a hotel for long can be upsetting. That can change though depending on how you decorate it. Sure you may not be able to paint or hang photos on the wall, but there is other ways to make your hotel room more inviting and homely. 

Read more for some tips on how to make your next stay at a hotel better. 

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Buy A Plant or Flowers

This could be an obvious choice since plants and flowers make everything better. Plants and flowers can be inexpensive and easy to care for

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Get some Motivation plaques 

Instead of hanging these up, you can just put them on your tv stand.

This is my hotel room. As you can see I have a motivational plaque on the mirror stand and a plant 🌲🌳🌴

Bring things that remind you of home

If you are staying in the hotel for more then a few days, you might get home sick. So bring something that reminds you of home. Photos are great. You can get sticky tacks that don't leave any marks on the wall, to hang up your photos

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