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Feb 16, 2017

# FabbleMoon Original # moonshine

A Vampires Bite

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I love getting inspired for Moonshine on various dress up games and when I saw the outfit here I knew I had to make up a story based on the look. Just imagine the black cat as Moonpup and all will be good

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The Story

It was a dark full moon kind of night. Moonshine was getting ready to go to her friends, Jazzabell birthday party. It was a dress up, masquerade theme party. Moonshine knew exactly what she would wear. 

As she walked down the street, Moonshine could hear footsteps behind her. She looked back to no one there. Maybe it was the full moon making her jump or it being Friday the 13th. The full moon never made her scared before, normally it comforts her, so it must be the date. She sped up. 

She would have to go into the short, dark woods in order to get to the location of the party. She grimaced but went as she didn't want to miss her best friends party. 

Bright blue eyes glowed in the dark behind the dress just two feet in front of her. She wanted to run back home and just get a ride but she was hypnotized by the beauty of the eyes. 

Her legs began to shake. Her feet began to move. She tried to not walk any further but couldn't help herself, like she was being forced to walk. 

The leaves under her crunched like fresh chips as she moved ever so close to the eyes. The night got darker as the moon ran behind the clouds. She got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, she knew something bad was going to happen. 

Closer she moved. A hand covered by the darkness came out from behind the trees. A hand she knew belonged to those eyes. She at first thought the eyes were from an owl or wolf but now she knew it was from a person. 

    'NO' Moonshine tried to shout

    'NO' she tried shouting again, body shaking like an earthquake, eyes watering like a waterfall

A hard rush of wind came along moving the tree branches into dancing motion. Twisting the leaves on the ground like a twister. A wind so powerful it almost knocked over Moonshine. 

The hand, the eyes suddenly were gone. The moon came back from behind the clouds illuminating the night.

Did her screams of terror work? But how could they of when they produced no sound? 

Frozen in place, she grabbed her phone and rang up Jazzabell. Drunk with amusement, Jazzabell couldn't believe what her friend was saying. Tried to convince her the it must of been an animal she was seeing. And the hand must have been a branch.
 Moonshine furiously hung up on Jazzabell mid sentence. She knew she wasn't day dreaming and she knew it wasn't an animal nor branch. 

Finally being able to feel her legs, she ran to the party in hopes to forget what just happened. 

To be continued.....

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