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Jan 10, 2017

# interviews

My First Interview Part 1

As you know for the past 2 months I have been doing writing challenges. They have come from the incredible http://www.instagram.com/breath_words Which you should go follow asap 
her twitter  
her blog

So I thought why not get a chance to meet her. So I asked her a few questions that I think people would love to know about her. 

My first interview!!!!! There will be a second interview coming Thursday 

Ok so first her name is Ashley

Ok here we are interviewing breath_words. Let's get the name issue of of the way first. Why did you chose the name breath_words anyways??

         Ashley=Honestly I went through a bunch of variations trying to get Breath of Words, because that is how I view my writing. That exhalation of the soul

I love that 'exhalation of the soul' tell me more about that. 
               Ashley= It's the release, like an exhale, but it's soul deep. That freedom of spilling the anxiety that we so often hold, that creates tension within us

You have a wonderful way with words. 

        Ashley= I feel like writing allows us to finally breath. Because we've purged that heaviness that kept such a tight coil on our hearts, our lungs, our soul

So you would say writing is like medicine to you? Helps you in many ways

       Ashley= Exactly. 

When did you start writing? 

       Ashley= I've been writing off and on since high school. I was diagnosed with Lupus at 14, so it hit me hard. Writing was release. Then I stopped during grad school and work, and I just started back about 2 years ago on Twitter

Do you think having Lupus has helped your writing in any way? Or has it made it worse?

        Ashley= I like to think it has helped. Gave me a reason to start writing, and it made me stronger as a person. You can't go through like something like this and not come out at least a little bit stronger. It made me focus. And push myself

Do you have any unique of quirky writing habits? 

       Ashley= I am a huge fan of alterations and try to use it as much as possible. And on Twitter, I will rewrite an entire piece before shortening words (like you to u or are to r) That drives me nuts  

You do monthly writing prompts for Instagram and such. How do you come up with them?

        Ashley= I think of phrases and such that I use or that come to mind when I'm writing and then I'll hold onto them for prompts. And I'm inspired by weather, things going on in my life. I also brainstorm with fellow Instagrammer http://www.instagram.com/aseaofwords 

I do love them. Where do your ideas for writing come from?

       Ashley= Most of my ideas come from real life- present or past relationships, my friends and their relationships or anxieties. Rarely, I'm just super inspired by a prompt and create solely by that

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