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Learn About Moon

Hey so as you know I have created a character named Moonshine and Moonpup. I have done a Meet Moonshine and Moonpup post which you can read here but I wanted to get a little more into the story of them. Basically behind the scenes questions. 

If you have any other questions OR like to leave a suggestion maybe on a plot line or character design then feel free to leave a comment down below. You can  instagram me @fablemoonsays 

Make sure you follow my blog so you can view when more short stories of Moonshine and Moonpup when the first come out!!!! 


Why does Moonshine look different in every photo?

Like any normal person she has different looks to go with different styles. Maybe she is an alien ;-0 Who knows really. She always has purple hair though

Do you draw the characters all your own?

Actually I trace them and then put my own unique spin on them.

I get Moonpup from here
And Moonshine from here I use various dress up games

Your characters are nice but the photos you put look awful. You should put more effort into them

Ah yes thanks for noticing that. I know I draw them & color them on paper, then take photos to upload them. I am wanting to get scanner to scan and upload so maybe they look better. I am not good with photoshop or drawing apps.
I also am in the process of getting thin markers to color them instead of color pencils.

Once I get the scanner, I will be able to scan the photo, import it into a drawing software and be able to make them look a lot better. Still in the starting stage of everything. Things take time. Rest assured they will start to improve in quality

How old is Moonshine and Moonpup?

I like to think of Moonshine at age 18. Out of school. Moonpup is 8 months old

Does Moonshine have any relatives?

This will be told more in upcoming stories

Does Moonshine have a boyfriend? 

This you will have to wait and see

Will you create a book featuring Moonshine and Moonpup? 

This is my goal. I want to create a short children's story. I am in the process of researching different story lines that would work.

Most likely will be an Ebook with photos due to be released sometime spring/early summer

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