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Hey so as you know I have created a character named Moonshine and Moonpup. I have done a Meet Moonshine and Moonpup post which you can read here but I wanted to get a little more into the story of them. Basically behind the scenes questions. 

If you have any other questions OR like to leave a suggestion maybe on a plot line or character design then feel free to leave a comment down below. You can  instagram me @fablemoonsays 

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Why does Moonshine look different in every photo?

Like any normal person she has different looks to go with different styles. Maybe she is an alien ;-0 Who knows really. She always has purple hair though

Do you draw the characters all your own?

Actually I trace them and then put my own unique spin on them.

I get Moonpup from here
And Moonshine from here I use various dress up games

How old is Moonshine and Moonpup?

I like to think of Moonshine at age 18. Out of school. Moonpup is 8 months old

Does Moonshine have any relatives?

This will be told more in upcoming stories

Does Moonshine have a boyfriend? 

This you will have to wait and see

Will you create a book featuring Moonshine and Moonpup? 

This is my goal. I want to create a short children's story. I am in the process of researching different story lines that would work.

Most likely will be an Ebook with photos due to be released sometime spring/early summer

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