6 Books that Have Influenced Me- Isaly Holland

This is a guest post from the beautiful Isaly Holland with six books that have influenced her the most and she would read again in a heartbeat :) Her links are down below so make sure you go check her out


Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.
I am Isaly Holland and I run a blog called Memories By Isaly. I have had my fair share of great books for as long as I can remember. I remember the first time I actually sat down and read a 600 page book in like 3 days. I was hooked ever since then. I think that reading brings a sense of escape and joy into my life because each book brings a new path, life, or idea. I am glad that I was able to write about my favorite books. It is super hard to narrow it down. But, I think what helped me decide on which six books are my favorite -- they had to change me in some way. Every book always brings ideas into my mind but these favorites have had such an impact on me that I changed an aspect of myself. I decided to choose six books that have influenced me the most and I would read again in a heartbeat. I think you guys would enjoy these books as much as I did because they give you a different outlook on life.

  1.       Beautiful Creatures
  2.       The Alchemist
  3.      The Color Purple
  4.       The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  5.      We Should All Be Feminist
  6.      A Child Called It 

 www.memoriesbyisaly.comBeautiful Creatures is by Kami Gracia and Maragaret Stohl. It is about a guy that dreams about a girl all the time to find out that they are soulmates and she is also a spell caster. (She hated being called a witch lol). This was one of my favorite books because it was such a love connection and not a spappy love book but a realist one. It had drama, romance, and it had thriller moments. I think anyone who enjoys romance, fantasy and drama would like this book. 

The Alchemist is by Paulo Coelho. I remember the first time I read this book! I was hooked. It actually was this book that made me pick up and leave NYC and move to Dallas with my fiance. I was sitting on a train reading and this book did wonders for me. The plot is about a boy named Santiago that is searching for treasure but also finding things out about himself along the way. I don’t want to give away a lot of the plot but it is an eye opening novel and everyone needs to read it at least 3 times in their lifetime. I even made a youtube video reviewing this book because I liked it so much.

The Color Purple is by Alice Walker. I am a sucker for books that bring a lot of emotion out of me and this book did just that. It made me realize what people had to go through in the past and how everyone has their own story. The book follows many different lives and how they either changed for the better or worse. It focuses on the south and African American lives post slavery and during a very racist era.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is by Alex Haley and Malcolm X. Alex Haley knew Malcolm X and decided to create this book of him telling his life. Malcolm X was the narrator and gave an amazing outlook on what it was like to have black pride, deal with racial issues and how he changed over time to become the leader he became. It is a reason why Malcolm X will always go down in history, this book proved it.

 www.memoriesbyisaly.comWe Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This is a short book but a very intellectual book. It spoke about being a feminist today and specifically in countries where women are not treated equally or with respect. I read this book in an hour and really realized how gender is really focused on with everything we do. I recommend this book because of how it taught me to notice things more in society.

 www.memoriesbyisaly.comA Child Called It is by Dave Pelzer. I am pretty sure everyone has heard the story and torn up just hearing the title. But, Dave Pelzer went through child abuse and wrote his story on what it is like. I read this book as a teenager and then again as an adult and you can’t help but get more torn up about the story. This was a real story and happens everyday. This book will make you cherish your life and value others more than you ever would.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list and have a chance to read them (: I know you guys will see even more amazing things that I did not mention when reading them. But, I understand considering that Edmund Wilson once said, “No two persons ever read the same book.”


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