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Dec 17, 2016

2017 Blogging Goals

Imagine 2017 being a year of change. Yeah I think everyone in the world wants this to happen. 2016 sucked to be honest. Ha

Big plans coming to my blog in 2017

Look out for the new changes. I will of course post an update everywhere when the new things happen!!!!
blog goals 2017

Create a website

I want to finally get out of the blogspot.com domain and use my own You can do it via blogger for $12 a year which is not bad.

Combine the two blogs I have + more. If you don't know I have another blog here

I already have a name picked out. Hope it will be there when I can afford it :0

Post Better Photos

This has always been hard for me. However I have been transforming my Instagram into having better photos.

Currently for blogging I use http://www.picfont.com which is a site where you can add text to your photos. Or add text to one of their photos. Great site but if I am going to get my own domain, then I want to do better photos

Gain More Social Media Followers

My links=


Gain 1000 Blog Subscribers

There is a popup which you can subscribe. If you are on mobile, go to this link= signup

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