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First I want to say Thank You for stopping by. It really means a lot to me. I would love to come to visit your site also a thank you. Just leave your link in any of my posts comments or at any of my social media (links down below) 

My name is Tiana
I am 30 and the creator of this blog :)

     My likes include- animals, nature, chocolate, Yankees, Lakers, the moon, galaxy, stars, space, Kobe Bryant
    My dislike include- thunder, people who are mean to animals and/or people, mud puddles, party poopers, the president, Lebron James, the Patriots, the Celtics
   Favorite tv show- How to Get Away With Murder
   Favorite Movie- Titanic and Harry Potter
  Favorite Book- Fantasy like Harry Potter, self help books

 In the future, I wish to work at a pets hotel since I can't imagine not working with animals. I also want to keep working on my writing and this blog.

Now that you know me, let's get into getting to know what you can expect with my blog.

Welcome To

I write to create a world that is different from my own.
I post so I can share my world with everyone else.

I wanted to create such post that will capture your imagination, capture your attention, provide motivation in whatever you do, to inspire you to create a world of your own where you can escape. Inspire you to End the Stigma of Mental Health by giving you advice on how to deal with it. So I created FableMoon Says.

I hope FableMoon Says makes you feel empowered and to know you can do anything no matter what battles you face.

So come on this amazing journey into the unknown with me, I post every Sunday.

  I do allow Guest Post which goes up on Wednesdays. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

Questions, Comments, Guest post... Feel free to send me an email

Tiana xx
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I am not a doctor or therapist, just a person/blogger who tries to help others. This is my own personal experience so these tips may not work for you. Make sure to see an actual person with a degree if you need help. Don't go by just my blog. I am not nor is Fablemoon Says responsible for any actions you take. These posts are 100% my own unless stated otherwise. Any sponsored posts will have a disclaimer in the start of the posts. I may occasionally do affiliate links but not often