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First I want to say Thank You for stopping by. It really means a lot to me. I would love to come to visit your site also a thank you. Just leave your link in any of the comments of my post or at any of my social media (links below)

My name is Tiana
the scientist that control the universe of this blog. Fablemoon Says believes good mental health means success in life. You can find beneficial advice,tips and inspiration on a whole sky of other topics. 

Welcome To

I created Fablemoon Says to help share my personal experience. What I have here may not always help me but if it helps another person then I am happy. With posts that will help you learn so you can help yourself and those around you. Hopefully, it will teach you something new.

I myself suffer through various mental health issues so really we are in this together. This is my outlit.

Fablemoon Says has grown into posts that I like. Including labels like words I love which includes post like Favorite Poems. 

I hope FableMoon Says makes you feel empowered and to know you can do anything no matter what battles you face. You can reach the moon no matter what anyone has to say.

So come on this amazing journey into the unknown with me, I post every Sunday.

  I do allow Guest Post which goes up on Wednesdays. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

Questions, Comments, Guest post... Feel free to send me an email

Tiana xx


 In the future, I wish to work at a pets hotel since I can't imagine not working with animals. I also want to keep working on my writing and this blog. I do hope to continue to grow Fablemoon Says

Why should I listen to you when you can't control your own mental health issues??

That is a very good question. The answer is I am taking the knowledge that I have learned and hoping that it helps you.
 What works for you may not work for me and reversed

Let's be friends 



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