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Why It Is Important to Have a Staycation

The Maldives- a beautiful south Asian tropical island with warm weather, lush beaches and beautiful oceans. A dream vacation for most. 

A dream in which, for most people will not come true. The island as beautiful as it is, is also very expensive to get to and stay. So it stays a dream. 

Many are in desperate need of a vacation. Either from work or life or even both. Many can not afford to go anywhere on vacation due to lack of financial aid. 

However I can offer you a great alternative, it is called A STAYCATION

A staycation is one where you stay in your own city. You can either stay at home, a hotel or even rent a place from Airbnb

Sure it may not be the tropical dream vacation you wish for, but it relieves the stresses of life. 

Which brings me to my post 

1. It is cheaper

   A trip to the Maldives can cost upward of $1000 and that is only for a flight there. Not talking about the hotel, food, shopping or anything else you wish to do.

 Meanwhile, a night at Motel 6 will only cost $43

2. You can do more things since it is cheaper

      Since you are saving all this money, you can afford a fancy restaurant, spa, shopping spree, good hotel... Do something you never done before in your city. 

Or you can even put the money you save away for that dream vacation

3. Still feels like a vacation

     Don't tell anyone where you are. You can stay indoors and hide away from all the troubles bother you. 

I know when I was homeless and stay at a motel, it felt like I was on vacation. I know weird right since I was homeless and all?? However, I was away from people I knew. Not to mention I think hotel stays always feel like a vacay.

4. You can rent a nice place on Airbnb

    No, this post is not sponsored by them 😩😩 I just think this is a great website to find places to rent. Stay somewhere no one knows about

So there you have it. Those are just some of the many, many reasons to have a staycation. I know it has become popular due to people having less money and more bills to pay. If done right, then it could be even better (or close to it) your dream vacation. 

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