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Feb 25, 2019

How to Journal like a Pro

February 25, 2019 5 Opinions

Hey there friends and welcome to the first ever post in my new series You Need Help. Here I will be going in-depth on all sorts of topics from mental health to relationships to animals to notebook collecting. Come to think of it, I should have started with my Best Sites for Free Stuff post instead of this one but oh well.

Journal Like a Pro

I have noticed journaling has become extremely popular these days. Good reason since it is affordable, creative, stress reducing and fun. 

Since I know so many new people are starting their very first journal. I thought I would help. I never really done a journal post before so this will be the first of many. 

I have been wanting to create a journal myself. This would be pokemon related but yours, of course, does not have to be. We can go on this journey together. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and the blog so you can see the updates for my journal also. If you would like more tips then feel free to tell me down in the comments below
Be sure to send me photos of your journal notebook so I can see. Maybe inspire some others as well. Tag me on Instagram and use #JournalSupplies

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Feb 19, 2019

Top Tips for New Bloggers

February 19, 2019 0 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  It is crazy to think that I have never done tips for new bloggers post. I have learned (and still am learning) so much about blogging during my years.

These are tips for new bloggers or people who want to jump into the blogging game. Easy tips to help you get started.

I am by far the one to tell you how to gain hundreds of dollars, views or followers in your first week or even months into blogging. I can tell you for sure, that takes time and effort to do. Unless you are a popular social media star, then chances you won't gain any of this until at least 1 month or 6 months into blogging.

So if you would like to know more then please keep reading :)

If you wish to see more advanced tips then feel free to comment down below. You can also comment or like this photo ↡↡ on my Instagram 

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Feb 10, 2019

Mental Health-Talking Tips and Signs to Look for

February 10, 2019 1 Opinions

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog.

  If you are a new reader then you should know mental health is very important to me. You can see my previous posts on mental health here

It is currently February 10th as I sit here typing this, which means we are in the middle of Season Affective Disorder, also known as 'winter blues' Read more here The holidays are gone, singles are lonely and we are just here sitting thinking of the holiday past. Many of us looking forward to the start of spring in March, knowing that it will feel like a million years until it gets here.

  This brought me to repost one of my most popular posts, Mental Health- Talking tips and signs to look for. Sure I could come up with a shorter and better title but I want people to know exactly what they are getting in this very important post.

It really does not matter the time of year this is posted, which is why I repost it often. Mental Health needs to be talked about now, tomorrow, yesterday and every day. It is a leading cause of death in young kids and is on the rise more than any other illness or death cause.*

With all this being said, let us get to the post.

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Hotline, chat lines and other help here

*May not be a real fact but feels like it

#FunFact this is one of my most popular and lengthy posts.

Feb 4, 2019

How Blogging Helps Social Anxiety

February 04, 2019 1 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome to another post.

  If you are a blogger then you know that blogging has so many benefits. It can help gain friends, money and more. But did you know it can also help with mental health?? Yes, it is true.

It is a proven fact that blogging can help with stress, depression and many other mental issues since people are online talking about the same thing that you are. You don't feel so alone while reading blogs. When you start blogging, it can help with your mental health also.

 It can be your way to connect with people. It can be your out-lit. It can help heal the illness in a tiny way or for a tiny bit.

 Sure it may also make your depression slightly worse since you can get hate comments or people who don't like your blog. Take those as something to improve on and not hate. I will do more post about blogging and helping or hurting with mental health. If you would like to see a certain topic on that or certain tips then feel free to leave it in the comments. 

If you want to read how blogging can help your social media more in depth, then please keep reading.

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Has blogging helped your social anxiety in any way? Comment down below if it has 

Feb 3, 2019

The Story of FableMoon

February 03, 2019 2 Opinions
Girl staring at the moon

The girl with the eyes dark as night
Lonely in a world so cold

She looked to the moon
as he was her only friend

There for her every night
when no one else was

She told him stories
he listened with open ears

Even on dark nights
she knew he would be back the next night

Even during the day
she saw him in the ocean blue sky

She couldn't take the world anymore
so she went away

Forever in the sky
with her best friend

They watch over those lonely souls
telling stories no one knows



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