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Very Easy DIY Pokemon Journal

With the new Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, Let's Go Pikachu out and the soon to be released Detective Pikachu, Pokemon is now in demand more than ever. With Christmas coming, that means kids and adults are going to want something Pokemon related.

You can buy them Pokemon Trainer's Notebook which is actually a fun activity book.

Or you can go the creative way and make them their very own journal. What's great about this is we get to customize the front and back however we want it. It's fun, easy and creative. It's so easy that (with adult supervision) a little kid can do it.

I been wanting to make a Pokemon journal since my  Journaling 101 post but did not know how since I did not have a printer. Luckily this diy can be used with or without a printer. More fun without a printer if you ask me.

If you notice in that post, my journal will be all about my Pokemon Go experience. I am excited to start this journey of creating and journaling with you.

If you do make this journal, then feel free to tag me on Instagram #pokemonjournaldiy

Without further ado, since I really and not good at intros, let us get on with the diy

Ps You can do this diy for a ton of other things like love journal, Rick & Morty or anything you think of. Does not have to be Pokemon

Step 1- 
  We are going to take the 2 color paper we have and cut it to the shape of our notebook. We will glue this to the front and back of the notebook. 
   The front and back don't have to be the same color. Be creative. You can also add paper to the inside of the cover if your notebook contains any print inside. 

 I will be doing purple for the front and back cover, blue for the inside, blue for the edge of the notebook. 

Step 2-

   Here is the fun part. We need to find an image of Pokemon that we like to create our cover. This you can print out or draw. I have no printer so I am going to trace and color. We will need our white sheet of paper for this. 
 To find images I suggest   Google images. You can also get printables here

I will be looking for something that says Pokemon Go.

Step 3-

  After we have colored and printed those images, we are going to safely cut them out. Then we shall glue them onto the front and/or the back of the journal

Just like that, you are done. Congrats you have made a journal all your own!!!! See I told you that was easy. This is my finished front cover. 

I do hope you have fun creating this journal, creating the inside of the journal. If you give it to someone, I do hope they like it also

Happy Crafting 

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