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The Secret to Good Face Cleanser

 Hello friends and welcome to another post

   Today we are talking about face cleansers. If you are like me you have been on the lookout for an inexpensive face cleanser that will not only help with pores but also not leave your skin so oily. I have been also on the hunt for a good charcoal cleanser since they seem to be really cool and work well for your skin. 

  I looked at wish for their products but I know with Wish, their products are not always what they seem to be. Better safe then getting an allergic reaction. 
So I tried looking at places like Target, you know affordable places. Which lead me to Walmart and this new skin care line called Found. I began to look at how intriguing their products sounded. BlackBerry infused bb cream, coffee-infused under eye cream... Just sounded so cool. I came across this  Facial Detox Kit and knew I had to try it. It had all the things I wanted- the charcoal, the whole system, the pore reducer and something to help my oily skin :)

So if you would like to see my review on this product then keep reading.  

*Before you ask, no was not sponsored or given any of these products for free. I saw this at Walmart and got it for my birthday.*

I do wish to do more posts on this Found line since they have many products I want to try out. Most of the products are not cheap but affordable. But if you think of it for their type of products that include BlackBerry infused bb cream, coffee-infused under eye cream, then the price is very reasonable. 

Make sure you got to your local Walmart to see if they have any of the Found line. Try out the cleanser and tell me what you think of it also. Did you notice a change of your pores or oily skin?? 

The Product

The box is a fairly good size for $15. I am not exactly sure if they sell it in stores as my local store did not have it. It is free shipping if you include $15 more worth of products. 

                  I shall start my review with the face cleanser, then the gel and finally the mask

↖↖A drop of the cleanser                   ⇑⇑ Cleanser rubbed around


  The cleanser has activated charcoal that is supposed to absorb excess oil and refine the look of pores. 
This cleanser is grey/black but will go on your face clear. 
I like to first cleanse my face with Noxzema even before applying this since I like to be extra clean. 

A drop of the gel                                                   Cleanser rubbed in

After cleansing, I apply the quince leaf mattifying gel what's that supposed to help absorb excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores. 
I apply a thin layer focusing on the parts of my faces where I get more oily such as my forehead, cheeks and nose.

    A drop of the mask on hand                                           Mask rubbed on hand                                                               

This mask is mud based so it will go on your face grey/black. The mask is supposed to detoxify impurities and toxins from congested pores. After 10 minutes of having it on, I can feel my face get cleaner as well as the mask being dry to the touch. 

What I like to do is wash my face with Noxzema in the shower. I'm glad I'm all dressed and waiting for my hair to dry, I will put on the mask for about 20 minutes. I like to rinse it off using my tub as if has more pressure then my sink. I will then pat dry, apply the gel to my face and brush my hair while I wait for for the gel to dry a bit. 

My verdict-

For the price of $15 you get all three products which is not bad.

  • I do notice my skin feels cleaner after using the whole kit. 
  • My pores are reduced and have become less frequent
  • I noticed no redness, dry skin or any irritation while using these product

I do think the cleanser could clean your skin better. I don't feel it cleaning my skin while it is on which is the main reason I to cleanse with Noxzema before using it. 
If you use the cleanser every day, it will run out quickly but the good news is they sell them all individually

The problem with me though is my skin does get very oily so after an hour of having the gel on, my skin gets back oily self.
 I don't think this has anything to do with the gel. I am sure if you do not have too much of a oily skin that it will work great for you. 
If you have wicked oily skin then you may not notice too much a difference in that area.

I think the mask could go on a bit more even. I do notice that there are patches when applying the mask. Other then that, the mask is great

Should you buy it??

I do for sure think that this is worth going out to buy and try. There is really not anything with charcoal that will reduce pores and help mattify your face for this price. Clearisil is $20 for their 3 set kit. I know for me they always seem to cause dry skin while this kit does not. I am not saying it is the best but I also know that it is not the worst.

Like I said above, this line is great and natural for your skin.

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