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Aug 9, 2018

Never Lose Your Things Again

*I am not being paid to write this post. I was sent this product to review. These are my honest thoughts*

If you are like me, you misplace your things all the time. I can not tell you how many times a day I am like where is my phone only to find it on the counter. If my phone is on ringtone, then my dog can find it that is if I have another phone to call.

I once left my sunglasses inside the store, went home looking for them and had to go all the way back to the store to get it. Thankfully no one took it.

See we misplace things all the time. The worst is them being in the public area like my sunglasses, where people can take them. So what can you do?? Is there a product that is not bulky that I can put on my phone, wallet or purse?

Well I got news for you, there is. The item is called Trak-n-Return. 

Of course you are now asking But what is Trak-n-Return? 

  Trak-n-Return is a way to track your belongings. It is inches wide and weights nothing. You can clip it on your keychain to attach to your purse, wallet or whatever you attack a keychain to. 
You can also attach it to your phone. 

So now that we got that cleared, you are asking Pfft why should I buy it though and how does it work? 

 Two very great questions which I have the answer to. Basically, all you do is go to http://traknreturn.com/ 
Click Activate 
Register with your email and password
Enter the pin found on the paper
Enter your phone number
Attach the tags

If you were to ever lose something, the person who found your item would call the 855 number found on the tag, enter the pin found on the tag. Then you would receive a phone call that your valuable was stolen. If you do not answer the phone, then an email will be sent to you. You receive the phone number of the person who stole it. You contact the finder after

The Good

  •     The person who finds your valuable thing never gets any of your personal information until you give it to them. Trak-n-Return never gives out your personal information
  • The pins are one of a kind which means you will never get someone else pin nor will they ever get yours if you choose to stop using the product
  • Available for pet tags, luggage, phones, purses and more
  • Tags, labels and even a device finder which rings an alarm if you ever indicate your device is missing

The Bad

The only bad thing, like most tracking products, is that this product is a label which means it can easily be damaged if the item gets wet. 


  • If you have a phone case then add the label to the back of your device under the phone case. You can add a label on the phone case. This will help if the tag gets wet or if someone takes your phone case off. You can see where I placed the labels on my phone below
  • Note- the dog label is not a tracking device that you put on your dog. It is for your dogs harness, collar or leash. For added protection for your pet, get them chipped 

I am convinced, where can I buy this product

You can order and learn more about Trak-n-Return  on their website by clicking here 

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you do leave a comment below. You can find my social media accounts above or right below my post


  1. That’s such a great idea I’m defo one to misplace things

    1. Thank you for reading Ruth. I am glad I was able to get one. Not that I have needed it (yet) it is always good to have


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