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Jul 2, 2018

Pokemon Is Abusive

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Ash, Misty, Willow, Brock. I am sure you have heard this before. Or you may be new to this news. How could the beloved tv show franchise that has been around over 20 years, be abusive? 

We all know Pokemon Go the mobile game is great for social anxiety but could it be considered abuse to Pokemon?? 

My goal is not to make you hate Pokemon, stop watching the show or not enjoy the games. No. It is rather to get your thoughts on this topic. 

Did you ever consider this idea?
Did you know? 
Are you more aware of it now that you are older than when you were younger? 

Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Will this new information change your mind on the series?

So lets get into it:


We all know when a trainer catches a Pokemon they go into these Pokeballs
All rights go to Pokemon. I don't own this image of the Pokeball

So what is in this Pokeball? This is the thing that we are unsure of. According to this article kotaku.com the producer of one of the video games says inside the Pokeball is 'very comfortable, sort of like a hotel' 

So if that is true, then we can agree that Pokeballs are not abusive. However, they must shrink to be able to fit inside the ball. 

With Pokemon like Team Rocket's Wobbufet whom always wants to come out, we question if the producer is right. 

Ash's Pikachu never wants to go in his pokeball. This has been the conspiracy of him not wanting to leave Ash's side. Could if also be because he does not like being inside the pokeball?? This we do not know

What do you think the inside of a Pokeball looks like?? 

Training & Battles

The kids who own the Pokemon are called 'Trainers' which their goal is to train the Pokemon to become the best trainer. 

We are unsure how each person trains their Pokemon. We are certain that they are involved in Battles. 

These battles make each Pokemon face a rival Pokemon to determine which of them is the best Pokemon and trainer. Vicious battles causing them to nearly knock out. 
Like I said most of the time this is to determine who is the better trainer. This could be all for selfish reasons and considered abuse on the Pokemon. 

Rest of the Time

Most Pokemon are stuck in their pokeballs  24/7. Some of the trainers like to take them out for some play time, airtime or whatever you want to call it. 

Now if we think of the pokeballs being 'hotel like' interiors for the Pokemon then maybe it is fine. However, they also do need fresh air.


All of this does make you question the things behind Pokemon. Maybe I am just reaching thinking it could be about abuse. However, I think it does need to be discussed. 

Even if Pokemon is not abusive, it does not take away the fact that other children show we watched as a child or children watch now, could have bad meanings hidden. I know most of the shows I watched as a child, had hidden meanings like abuse, sex and other topics. 

I guess the point of this post is to make sure you know what your kids are watching, playing and enjoying. Make sure it is not a bad thing that will haunt them. 

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