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Jan 29, 2018

The Major Problem with 13 Reasons Why

Before we get started on the post, I wanted to share with you my last 13 Reasons Why post. What I Learned from the show which you can view that by clicking here

'13 Reasons Why' the hit Netflix show about a girl who commits suicide. She leaves behind tapes to 13 people whom she blames ended her life. I am sure you have heard about or even seen the show before. It has been in the news recently. I myself saw it months ago but something still bugs me.


Hannah (the characters name) never tells anyone about anything happening in her life. She was full of secrets, which is fine most of the time. Not in her situation though.
She does tell the guidance counselor right before she decides to take her life. It's like she expected people to know how she feels or what she is going through.
She blames everyone else but if she spoke up then maybe she could change schools or something.

Please Please

If you ever are:
Being bullied
Not eating
Mentally/physically abused
Thinking of harming yourself or others
Or anything of this sorts

Tell Someone. Tell everyone. An adult, your parents, friend, relative, school teachers/counselor/principal...

Someone will listen.
Someone will care
Someone will help
Keep telling people until they help you

Do Not Assume-

People know
People do not care
You are worthless
You are a burden

I have many resources in which you can find help by clicking here

Never forget-

You matter
People care for you even though it may not seem like it
People will miss you

That is all I have for you today. I hope this will help you give the confidence to tell someone how you feel.
I will see you next Sunday with an all new post xx

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