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Why Animals are Better then Humans

Peace Be With You

I have compassion for humans at points but most of the time I can't be bothered with people.

I think animals are better then humans. You may hate me for saying this so go ahead. With all the shootings that happen can you blame me?

I got my reasons. Below are them

Reasons Why Animals are better then Humans

They can't use guns

They wont use you for money

They don't care how much money you got or what you look like

They need someone to care for them

They don't have a religion thus they don't harm others who think different then them

They kill other animals due to animal instinct

Humans don't have animalistic instinct

Humans know what is right and wrong

Animals do not know right from wrong

They don't make fun of someone for being different

They don't torture, murder someone for being different

They could care less about what you like as long as your nice to them

Everyday humanity is getting worse and worse. People killing, people being used, people being hurt... And for what reason?? 

We as humans are taught what is right and wrong. We know murder is wrong. We know using people is wrong, hurting people is wrong. And yet a lot of us do it. Why?

Do we lack common sense now?

Is money all we care about?

Have we become so egotistical that we don't care for fellow humans?

These are questions I think about all the time.

I know I lack human compassion but that is from seeing loved ones get hurt, used, abused, taken advantage of.... It could also be due to having 'mental issues'

Either way I know animals would never do the things humans do.

But animals kill humans. 

This is only if you come in between their food, family, territory. They won't kill a human for fun or because they broke up with someone.

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