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Jul 18, 2017

Top 6 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

If you have anxiety then you know that life can be very hard, very stressful and very overwhelming. It could be hard to focus on what is happening in that moment when you are thinking about how everything could go wrong. The worse I know.

The good news is that there are ways to help Dealing with anxiety. No I don’t mean therapist, I mean something that might work in that moment. Don’t worry if some of the things that work for others, do not work for you. It all is a matter of what can help an individual. You will find something that helps.

If you are stuck on ideas on dealing with your anxiety then I got you covered. I give you my Top 6 Ways for Dealing with Anxiety. This coming from a person like you who deals with anxiety.

I hope this helps you.

If you have any other ways that was not listed then feel free to mention them in the comments to help others. Since there are way more ways to help then what I have posted :)


1. Journal=

   This is the one that works for me. I always have a pen and paper or even my phone around to jot down things. When I am feeling most anxious, I just get that out and write. I usually write my thoughts even if it comes out all jumbled and doesn’t make any sense at all.
When I feel better, I either go back and look at what I wrote down or delete/throw it away. Sometimes it can be stressful to look back at what I wrote.

I got some suggestions as to what you can journal-

  • Write your thoughts
  • What you wish you were like
  • Who you wish you were instead
  • Who you admire
  • Who is your hero
  • Write a story

It really could be anything. It doesn't even have to be words, could be letters or numbers.  All you need is to take a pen and paper and then just go with the flow.

You can even draw. And that does not have to be perfect or even anything. Could be swirls, lines, circles… Anything that will help you in that moment

2. Read=

     I think this is great. Get lost in another world that someone wrote, or that you wrote.
I like to read and even keep a book in my purse. This way I could read when I am bored or just don’t wish to talk.  Fact-People will not bother you if you are reading a book ;)  

The great thing is that you can read whatever is around. Some suggestions-

  • A Comic book
  • Magazine
  • Cook book- hey why not you may even get some good ideas
  • Your Journal
  • Regular book
  • Brochure

3. Play a game=

       Like a book, playing a game helps you get lost in another world.  Don’t worry if you do not have your phone/tablet with you. (Ps I like to bring a deck of cards with me everywhere because you never know)There are way more games to play then video games.
Playing pretend and being creative is something that the world is missing out on. Just try not to get too caught up in pretend especially if you are pretending someone is an alien

A fun pretend game you can play-

1. Pick out a person
  1. Try and guess their name, story
  2. Make up a story for this person. Maybe they are really an alien :0

2. Pretend you are the alien

3. Pretend you are on a reality show

4. An actor researching for an upcoming role

4. Count=
   Ahh yes the age old counting, how could I not mention this one. Stupid but sometimes it does work. For me it is repeating the same number over and over again. Or repeating the same word/letter.

Or even do math. Grab a paper, start writing numbers down, do the math. Sure math may not be the most fun but it can help in stressful situations

2 divided by 2=

5. Daydream=

   This is basically tip 1 and 2 combined without paper. It all takes part in your mind. If there is one thing I love, it is daydreaming. I swear I get lost more in fantasy in my mind than anything else. Journaling is fun but there is nothing like imagining a world in your mind without having to write it down or read.

Try to clear your mind.
Close your eyes and drift off to somewhere else. Someone will wake you up I am sure

6. Focus on something around you=

        Take your mind off what is happening by focusing on something else. This is the hardest one on the list but it does help.

An example- focus on a photo

  • What color is that photo?
  • What is that photo of?
  • Make up a story involving the photo
  • What is the story behind the photo?

Again I hope these tips help you. Good luck, thank you for reading and I will see you next time :)

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