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May 31, 2017

May Maddness

I am back!!!!

I know you may be wondering where I have been for the past month. Well let me tell you it has not been a vacation.

As you know I was living in a motel Pros & Cons of Living in a Motel which was not as bad as you may think. They only thing that happened was a women kidnapped a kid so the cops were next door.

However life in the Motel was not cheap. So I had to move somewhere else. My sisters basement :(

Which you may say oh that must have been fun. Well no. My sister and I have nothing in common. I have been having major anxiety since being here. I don't even go upstairs to use the bathroom during the day (not good for the bladder)

Anyhoo it has been 4 weeks since living here and now she is kicking us out. I am ok with this since I hate it here. We are going back to the Motel.

Finding a place that takes dog that is under $1400 is very very hard in my city. We have been calling places and hopefully something will work out soon.

I have been depressed so I have not used the computer more then once in the past month. Since I will be back at the Motel (which as much as I want a home, I prefer the Motel to my sisters) so I should be posting more

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