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May 21, 2017

Dealing with Lifes Lessons

Hey there Moontales :)

A great thing about life is that you are always learning. Everyday you learn something new whether it be a new person, new word, new way of acting... You still learn with everything you do. With that learning, comes lessons.

There is a lesson with everything that we do in life. We may not see the lesson right away but that does not mean there is not one to be learnt.

This past year has taught me many lessons. I didn't see the lessons right when they were happening but I did when I needed to.

Look back at your life. What has happened? Was there any lessons that you have learnt and you did not realize it until you just looked back?? I bet you there is. If so then down in the comments write 'Yes'. If not then keep looking until you find one


Lesson 1-  People will rise to the occasion when needed

Sure people can suck but there are some people that will come to the rescue when needed. Maybe they won't be able to repair fully the sunken ship you are on, but they will provide you with some tools that will help

You have to be thankful for them for trying

Lesson 2- Taking a chance is ok

Hey I took a chance to move out from my crappy apartment. I may not have a 'home' but my dog is happier. I have no stress of worring that my neighbor is going to hurt my dog anymore. Or worring that my dog will have a heart attack from the jerk

Was it the right timing? Should I have waited just a tad? Yes I should have waited another week but hey it is over and done with now

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