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May 18, 2017

# FabbleMoon Original # moonshine

18th Birthday Suprise

Hey there Moontales :)

The other week I did a Creative Writing Prompt post (which you can view here ) and said that I was going to share my versions of the prompts. So this is that post.

The prompt I am going to do is down below ⇩⇩ Basically it is going to be a Moonshine story. Which if you did not know, Moonshine is a character I created.  Here is one of the many post I did on her.

Note- I am no good with descriptive writing so bare with me. This will be in short chapters also.

 Tell me in the comments down below if you liked that writing prompt post that I did and would like more

Your parents tell you on your 18th birthday something is going to happen to you. Your birthday is in 2 days. 
Image not mine. I can't draw so normally I will just insert who I wish Moonshine would look like from Dress Up Games.
This game can be found here
All credits go to them 

Moonshine was overjoyed that her birthday was coming up.

    "OMG Moonpup can you believe I am turning 18 in 4 days?" She pranced around her room with a smile so wide and bright it would make the sun envious

Moonpup wagged his tail while prancing around in excitement sort of mimicking Moonshine's mood.

She picked up Moonpup and twirled him around like a tornado

*Ring Ring*

Moonshine puts Moonpup down to go and answer the phone

      "Hello." Moonshine says to the person on the phone whom is her mother

       "Oh mommy I am just so excited for my birthday"

Moonshine's mom tells her that they need to talk about her turning 18

   "No need to worry mommy, being 18 will not change me at all"

But still Moonshine's mom was stern on their need to talk. She had no clue why and just replied ok then hung up the phone.

No worried and fulled with curiosity, Moonshine's excitement began to dwell.

       Chapter 2

It has been two days and Moonshine has yet to talk to her mother. Millions of thoughts just raced through her head about what she wanted to talk about.

    "Maybe something went wrong with the party. No that can't be it, mommy sounded a bit more concerned for it to be the party" She paced back and forth across her room spitting out random thoughts that could be wrong

      "Man I wish you could talk human, maybe you know." She spoke to Moonpup, not knowing that he could actually talk

With just 5 days until her 18th birthday


'At the stroke of midnight on your 18th birthday as the full moon shines in the sky, you will turn...' her mother began to weap unable to finish the sentance. 'turn what mommy' eyes starting to water as moonshine begged to know. 't t turn' she stuttured the words 'into a wolf' 'a wolf. Wicked cool.' moonshine replied in awe'not cool' her mother continued'when you turn into the wolf, you will be taken to another realm. A realm where awful things happen' Moonshine couldnt believe what her mother was saying. Thinking her mom was just playing an odd joke on her, she started to laugh
But this was no joke being played for she was cursed as a child. In just two days when the clock strikes midnight, she will be truly transformed and taken away 
'mother you cant be serious' 
Her mother looked her staright in the eye & replied 'but i am' 
She told her the story of birth. She wanted a girl so bad she would do anything for it. She found this old women who supposed to grant wishes. She was desperate she wished for a baby girl.
'your wish is my command. Oh but there is a catch' 
'a catch?' her mother questioned thinking nothing of it
'when the girl turns 18 she will be mine. She will need to fillfull her destiny' 
'what destiny? A good one? I dont know if i can do this' 
'too late my dear. The child is already growing inside of you' the old women giggled as the earth shook underneath them  

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