May 2, 2017

Favorite Harry Potter Quotes 2

May 02, 2017 0 Opinions
Happy May Moontales :)

If you recall in March, I did a Favorite Harry Potter Quotes post (which you can view  here ) and since it was a top post and of course very fun, I decided to do a Part 2.

As you know Harry Potter has 7 books which means there are so many great lines. I think every single line from the book is genius but I mean it is better for you to read the book then me to do 700 posts of my favorite quotes which would add up to the whole 7 books haha.

So here is 8 more of my favorite quotes

Make sure to leave your favorite Harry Potter line or quote down in the comments. 
And if there is any other movie or tv series you would like to know my favorite quotes from then leave that in the comments also

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