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Apr 13, 2017

# mental health

What I Wish I Knew- About Self Harm

Hi there Moontales

*Warning- This post may have triggering effects, so read cautiously* 

Self harming is when you harm yourself on purpose. This can include cutting yourself, burning yourself, hitting yourself and many more.

I didn't know much about self harm when I started or that it was even a thing. I just liked the feeling.

If you self harm then please please seek help that way you can live a 'normal' life with no scars


I wish I knew-  Self harm is an addiction

I wish I knew-  It won't just be a phase that I will grow out of

I wish I knew-  I didn't have to hide it from people I love

I wish I knew-   How happy it made me feel

I wish I knew-  How bad I felt after

I wish I knew-  Many many other people have the same addiction

I wish I knew-  That it could evolve into worse things

I wish I knew-   How much it would ruin my body

I wish I knew-    How much people would judge

I wish I knew-   The toughness of having to hide it from everyone thinking they will judge or hate me

I wish I knew-  That it is a very tough struggle overcoming self harm

I wish I knew-  That I am not crazy, I just need help

I wish I knew-  There were other ways of taking away my pain like talking to someone or writing it down

I wish I knew-  My mom would be upset when she found out

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