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Apr 30, 2017

10 Things That Make Me Happy

April 30, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there Moontales :)

I have seen this tag all over my Instagram feed= here I have not been tagged by anyone but I think it is a lovely idea. It was hard for me to narrow my list down to 10. I did it though and even put it in a list counting down to my favorite

I tag anyone reading this to do the tag also. It could be on Twitter, Instagram, Blog post, Youtube... Down in the comments tell me What is 1 thing that makes you happy?? 😁😁

Quick thing before I start= If anyone wants to collaborate on any one of my blogs, then email me at tianazworld@gmail.com 


10. Writing

9. Stationary like pens, notebooks
 Amazon has the best selection of stationary sets including this one which I am in love with. It includes 
  • 15” lapboard, 100 page journal, and 10 sheets of colorful printed note paper
  • Also includes 5 envelopes, 5 postcards, 60+ stickers and 4 colored markers

8. Chocolate

7. The sunrise and sunset

6. The calming sound of the ocean

5. The moon, stars, galaxy

4. Animals

3. NBA star Kobe Bryant

2.  My mom

1. My dog and past pets I have had

Apr 27, 2017

Escaping Life

April 27, 2017 7 Opinions
Hey there Moontales :)

We all have something that makes us feel relief.
Something that helps us forget life struggles.

My mom is going tanning. Being locked in the room for 15 minutes makes her feel away from life horrors.

For me it is writing. I like to write. I mainly write words about depressing things. I also like to sleep.
Both sleep and writing, I can escape and create a world of my own. I can have the life I want. No self harming, confidence, friends, looks....

Why am I even saying this? 

Recently I have been feeling down, if you read my recent post here then you would know that. And we all need a refresher from life sometimes.

I just want to remind you that it is ok to take a step back. It is ok to escape the world. Life sucks sometimes. No life sucks most of the time. Escaping life, even if it's for 15 minutes, will do great for your health, mind, weight, mood...


Down in the comments I want you to tell me what you use to escape the world?? I want you to find this escape

Do you write? Do you sing?
 If you like to dance then that can be your escape. Anything that makes you feel free to be your own self.

Playing sports? Watching sports? Playing video games even

Also on my Instagram by clicking here

Have a great day :)

Apr 26, 2017

What To Do When Life Sucks

April 26, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there Moontales

Those days when life sucks suck. I have been feeling stressed and down lately. Life has just been generally sucking in every aspect. It always feels like I take 1 step forward and 4 steps back. Just can't get a hold on this life thing. It sucks. I lack motivation and will to go about life anymore.

I know many people get this way and like I said it sucks. You feel as though your life is just never going to get better. You hope that it does but you been stuck like this for so long that you lose hope in everything. End life or keep going? You want to keep going for the people you care about but is it worth it.

I may not be able to get out of my rut but I just may have some Ways to help you get back on track. 

Here is 'What To Do When Life Sucks'


Take a Step Back

   A step back from social media, friends... Take a step back from everything and just be by yourself

Clear Your Mind

   You can do this by taking the step back. Going for a walk by yourself. Just try not to think at all. I know this is going to be more hard then taking a social media break but it will help

Take A Nap

      Rest is what all this is about. Rest will help you clear your mind and take a step back. All this will help with the getting back on track

Stay Hydrated

   Make sure you drink and eat plenty. I know the feeling when you are down and just don't want to eat/drink. Don't want to do much really. But being dehydrated is not going to help anything

These are just a few things I recommend. If you have any other ideas then be sure to leave it in the comments section

Apr 20, 2017

6 Best Writing Prompt for Writers

April 20, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there Moontales :)

Are you an inspiring writer who is looking for some inspiration to help write? Are you a writer who is currently in a writer's block? Well then you came to the right blog. My name is Tiana and I am going to give you some writing prompts

If any of these prompts helped your writing then make sure to leave a comment down below or tweet me And if you would like more of these posts then leave a comment also

Good Luck


*Click here to purchase some journals on Ebay to jot down your new stories*

1. You find an egg while walking in the woods one day. Write how you found the egg, what you do with the egg, if you keep the egg then say what is in it. Does the egg cause destruction?

2. You wake up from a nap to find that you are now an animal. You must figure out a way to get back to being a person before night falls and you are stuck as an animal forever

3. You are on the edge of the Empire State Building. There is another person there that you never seen before. This person says 'Come with me or jump.' How did you get there? Who is this person? What do you decide to do? 

4. Your parents tell you on your 18th birthday something is going to happen to you. Your 18th birthday is in 2 days

5. The lights go off, you hear an unfamiliar voice. This voice calls you name, then says 'Run'. The lights go back on, you don't see anyone around. What do you do?? 

6. You could have any super power you want. The catch- you must kill a loved one before you get it

I hope these were helpful for you. Make sure to follow the blog so you can see my interpretations of all these stories

Apr 18, 2017

This Is Why Life Sucks

April 18, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there Moontales :)

Comment below if you feel the same

This is how I see my everyday life. An arrow points and flashes at me. I have no clue what it says but it's there all the time. Flashes brighter when in public. Like a warning sign not to go near me or something

People are always quick to judge other people
People see me as:

1. a foolish person who knows nothing
2. a dangerous person that you cant go near
3. Innocent

But I am none of those. Im smarter then I appear to be granted I don't know much but im not stupid either
 Im not this young kid who is all innocent and does nothing wrong. Im 25 and sooo much naughtier then I look. You'd be surprised im sure
Im like a bug. More scared of you then you should be of me

I also feel very invisible especially when I'm out in public. I wish I was but im not. People don't see me or notice me and when they do they judge me like I said up above. Life can be soo cruel

Sometimes I wish that I that I had a house on like an island. I can be alone with my animals and wouldn't have to go outside in the world and be judged. I do wish they had more animals friends or other people they could see

One day maybe I will find somewhere I belong. People will like me. I wont have that flashing arrow pointed towards me. I would be seen as me and not someone im not. My baby's will have more interaction with people

Maybe one day I will be truly happy

Apr 16, 2017

This Will Make You Think Twice About Suicide

April 16, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey Moontales. 

Suicide is never the best option. At first you may think it is, you commit it, you are happy. If you came back as a ghost would your family and friends really be happy that you are gone?? Take a moment to think about that. 
If the answer is yes then continue reading. 
If the answer is no then continue reading anyways. 

I think is one of my best, awful stories. Hopefully it makes sense. If you like it, make sure to leave a comment

*This can be very triggering. So please take caution*


Maybe at first it is for attention.

Your family is fighting and you just want things to be normal again but they never will be. Your grades at school have begun to fall. You feel as though everything in your life is crashing down. Your older brother isn't there anymore, got himself addicted to drugs and parties all the time

 You go in the bathroom and begin to cry. Something sharp catches your eyes so you go to it. Hold it to your skin; shaking, crying you know you shouldn't do this but something is telling you that you have to. You take a deep breath and make a quick slice. The pain, the blood, the guilt. What did you do??

A few weeks later you fess up to your parents. This is what you have been doing for the past three weeks while they were busy fighting. Your mom begins to cry; your dad is speechless. How did they not see the signs?? They agree to get marriage counselling if you go to a counsellor also. One happy family again

Time passes by everything is going so well your parents have seemed to stop fighting and your grades have gone up.  Until one late night you hear your parents fighting again; their arguing about you. Blaming each other for your self harm, for your brother, for everything.

You feel as though it's all your fault that their fighting so you take the razor and cut deeper and deeper until you pass out. Safely in bed so your parents don't find you in the bathroom passed out with blood near you.

 You try to hide your scars with long sleeve shirts even in the summer. Knew that if someone saw them, they would think you are crazy. Your best friend notices a scar asks what it is, you lie and say you got scratched by a branch. She seems to believe you.
Self harming is getting too risky you have to think of something else. You begin to stop eating.

Christmas is approaching. No one has taken notice of your major weight loss besides your best friend. She is very worried about you but you don't care. Kids at school have found out about your brother and have been saying bad things about him. You begin to act out, getting into fights but you don't care about anything now a days

It's Christmas eve and your family couldn't afford a tree or presents. Your hear your mom in the kitchen crying . You take your trusty razor and slice your arms. You watch as the blood rushes out. You feel weak as you lay in bed. Your breathing begins to slow down. You begin to cry wondering what have you done but no tears come out. You didn't want it to end like this. How will mom and dad react?? Is your brother gonna even care that you are gone?? Will anybody care?? Maybe its for the best; atleast you will be free from the pain and misery of life. Your eyes shut never to be open again

Christmas morning your parents call your name. They wanted to surprise you with the keys to a car. They call again, still no answer. Your mom asks your brother to go to your room and get you out of bed.
Your bedroom door slowly opens as your brother walks over to your bed. He looks down and sees a pile of blood on the floor. He begins to shake and cry as he yells for your parents. They come running to your room, they try and wake you but to no avail.

Two months later-Your brother is now in jail. He begun to act out because he couldn't stand having you not around. You were the only one he truly trusted. He cries himself to sleep in the cell wishing you were still here and wondering why you left him.

Your parents are getting divorced. They started fighting everyday. Your father began to get violent toward your mother. He blamed her for you and your brother. Your soul stands there watching as he beats her, crying, screaming that you are sorry.

Apr 11, 2017

What I Learned from- 13 Reasons Why

April 11, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey Moontales (new nickname for my readers)

*Take caution when reading this post or watching the series. Can be extremely triggering* There may be spoiler alerts in this post

13 Reasons Why is a new teen drama on Netflix based on the best selling book. It deals with many different subjects like suicide, rape, drinking, bullying...

Watch it on Netflix here

Buy the book here- 

Millions of people have already seen the series. I am sure you reading this have also seen it. Some of the things of the show made me have questions. I don't mean what happened to whatever character, I mean other things. To know what I mean, continue reading

Have you seen '13 Reasons Why'? Did you like it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section


Apr 4, 2017

Songs to Listen to Now

April 04, 2017 0 Opinions
I have been trying to write a song which is so much harder then I thought it would be haha. Maybe when I buy a piano, it will help. 

Speaking of writing songs, I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes right now. These are all the songs I have on my phone that I listen to basically every day. 

What song are you loving?? Comment it down below so everyone can listen to it. 

Justin Bieber- 

    You may not know this but I am a huge Justin Bieber fan. Even if you are not a fan of him, you still can not deny he has great songs. 

Michael Jackson-

   I listen to Pandora alot listen for free here My favorite playlist has been Janet Jackson. Of course on her radio would include her brother Michael. I love all his songs but these 2 are the ones that I have been playing most

Alex Gaudino-

  I had a song in my head so I Googled it. Came across this girl and this song which is a dance song

I'm in love

Taylor Swift and Zayn- 

  I love all Taylor Swift songs basically. This song is from 50 Shades of Grey

I don't want to live forever


   This song is so good yet it really is not that popular. Which is odd for my girl Rihanna whom I love

Love on the brain

Lady Gaga- 

    I don't recall how I came across this song but I do love Gaga

Perfect Illusion

Bebe Rexha- 

      I was watching a dance video on Youtube and they were dancing to this song. I instantly fell in love

I got you

Martin Garrix-

I know who this guy is but it wasn't until he was on Jimmy Fallon that I heard this song

This is the performance from the show of 'Scared to be lonely'


Last but certainly not least is Tinashe. Again I knew who Tinashe is and really love her songs but it was not until she was on Jimmy Fallon until I heard this song. Amazing song. She isn't very popular but she has talent and should be

Again the performance from Jimmy Fallon called 'Flame'

Apr 2, 2017

My Mental Goals 2017

April 02, 2017 0 Opinions
'Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible' Tony Robbins 

Happy April!!!! I didn't know what to write today so I took a post from my other blog

Add caption

1. Find the right therapist 

       Of course this is the main goal. I admit I have a problem and need help. It appears I can not help myself over come these problems

2. Self harm less

    This could say stop self harming but I want to be realistic. Self harming is an addiction, one that is not easy to get over. I don't think I can over come this in just a year 

3. Find a job

     That is of course unless my blogs get more success and I could make a living from them. Though I think I would still have a part time job

4. Find a boyfriend

    This I have not got due to my social anxiety. So with the help of the therapist, I think this could happen. I have been single for way too long 

5. Get out of the house more

    It is hard for me to go to the store alone even. I am supposed to see a Justin Bieber concert in August in a city that is a few miles away from mine ALONE so I need to get out more

6. Get away from my dog more

    I love my baby boy, he is my helper. Leaving him more would be good for not only me but for him also. That way he can be fine when I do go to the concert


You can read the full disclaimer here Just says that I am not responsible for your actions, I may do sponsored post but you will know, I will never recommend something that will scam you or that is harmful to animals/humans/Earth, promotes violence or is racist. The codes you see on my side bar are an affiliate, you can sign up for them also. It is free.