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Mar 28, 2017

# FabbleMoon Original

Pros + Cons of Living in a Motel

Hey hey

So as you might know I have been living in a motel for the past month. This was a decision all on my own. I thought life would get better and my dog would be happier. My dog does seem happier since he is away from my horrible neighbor who hates him. Life has gotten a bit better.

Like apartments, motels has their pros and cons. So if you are thinking of moving into a motel for awhile be sure to read this


1. Pro- Free Cable TV

For sure a pro for me since I have not had cable tv in a few years

Con- Not Many Cable Channels

Ahh yes you got to take the good with the bad I guess. If you are getting a cheaper motel then you can expect less cable channels. More expensive hotels will give you premium channels

2. Pro- Free Breakfast

Like the cable, this is only if you are in more expensive hotels

Con- No Free Breakfast where I am

This may be a con however there is many restaurants and even a super market down the street so it's no big deal really

3. Pro- Free Wifi

Many hotels give you free wifi, you just have to ask

Con- Slow Wifi

The wifi is not the best

4. Pro- Less Stress

Sure you have to deal with the cost for the room but you don't have to worry about cable, water, lights, heat... And it could be like a mini vacation. Honestly every month you should take a night and spend it at a motel. You will come back more happy

Con- Not knowing what to do next

You are living in a motel now, that could be expensive but you also need to save up for a new place. You don't want to live in the motel forever do you?? No. This could add a small amount of stress on you. Take one day at a time is my advise

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