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Mar 7, 2017

Easy St Patrick's Day Craft

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Yay today we are crafting!!!! This is a fun St Patrick's Day craft for the whole family. It is so simple, you can have your child do most of the work (just with supervision of course)

Ok now this guy can be plain or can be put on a toilet paper roll (will explain)

Let's Craft

First thing is materials-

  • sheet of green craft paper
  • 2 or more google eyes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers

  • toilet paper roll 
  • ribbon
  • another sheet of green paper
  • green paint

Ok next- 

1. Print out a shamrock design on your green paper. You can also draw it. A printable shamrock can be found here

2. Cut the design out

3. Ok this is where the kids can come in. Have them tell you where to put the google eyes. If they want more eyes then let them have more eyes

4. Glue their eyes on

5. More kid part. Have the kids decorate their shamrock. Make a nose, mouth, hair, add glitter, stickers...

6. Now you can have the shamrock like it is ok follow next next these steps-

1. Grab a clean, used toilet paper roll

2. Paint that roll green and let it dry

3. Decorate with ribbon

4. Glue the shamrock on the toilet paper roll

5. Take the rest of the green paper and cut out a strip. Fold that like an accordion and glue. This makes are.

You can also glue 2 more sheets of paper on the bottom for legs

                          Yup so that is all. Make sure you Tweet me or Instagram me if you do this craft 
@fablemoonsays for both And don't forget St Patrick's day is March 17

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