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Mar 26, 2017

Best Anime Vendor Ever


Anime is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Which makes a lot of comic vendors want to branch out into the Anime selling field. But where do you as a vendor start? You start by learning all about Anime and selling to fans. This is easy with the help of Selling To Heroes, Villains and Geeks; An insider's guide for new anime vendors

In Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks teaches new vendors
  • Spot popular and trending anime and manga series
  • Purchase authentic Japanese merchandise that makes you the most popular booth in the aisle
  • Deftly avoid rookie mistakes
  • Put into action the traits practiced by successful vendors
  • Make money right out the gate
  •  It starts by focusing on understanding and targeting customers, emphasizing the importance of offering exclusive or unique merchandise, how to navigate Japan - - finding up-and-coming anime shows and purchasing their merchandise not available in the US - - and setting the right price to get the most profit. New vendors will learn how to develop a merchandise and business plan and avoid hidden sand traps that sink most new vendors. The book includes valuable worksheets to help new vendors launch their business smoothly and be completely prepared for their first anime/comic convention.

These are all key points that you, the vendor must know in order to make the big money from Anime readers
Right below is a link to the Selling To Heroes, Villains and Geeks; An insider's guide for new anime vendors video  trailer staring Tian Wang, Peter Sudarso and international  cosplayer Vampy Bit Me. Make sure you go Check it out and leave a comment

 Anime Vendor  

You can order the book by ebook $20, paperback $25 or even audio $20 :0 All with free shipping
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