Mar 23, 2017

My Favorite Titanic Quotes

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April 15, 1912 early am, the 'the unsinkable' Titanic crashed into an iceberg and sank. 

May 31, 1991 a movie based on the sinking of the ship came out. The movie 'Titanic' spawned stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet amongst others. 

The movie gave us many infamous quotes

Today I will share some of my favorite Titanic movie quotes.  Favorite Harry Potter Quotes

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Tell me what movie I should do next for quotes

Mar 21, 2017

Favorite Poetry

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Hey there :)

March 21 marks World Poetry Day so I decided why not post my favorite poetry. So enjoy

I think my favorite poetry is love

Edgar Allen Poe- 

This guy was pure genius

The Raven

The Tell Tale Heart

William Shakespeare 

The guy who created Romeo & Juliet

his work

Dr. Maya Angelou 

D.H Lawrence 

I just learnt about him today but he is amazing

http://www.blackcatpoems.com/l/d_h_lawrence.html This website has a ton of poets and their poetry. I suggest going there for more

RRed Moon Rise

he train in running across the weald has fallen into a steadier stroke
So even, it beats like silence, and sky and earth in one unbroke 
Embrace of darkness lie around, and crushed between them all the loose
And littered lettering of leaves and hills and houses closed, and we can use
The open book of landscape no more, for the covers of darkness have shut upon
Its written pages, and sky and earth and all between are closed in one. And we are smothered between the darkness, we close our eyes and say "Hush!" we try
To escape in sleep the terror of this immense deep darkness, and we lie
Wrapped up for sleep. And then, dear God, from out of the twofold darkness, red
As if from the womb the moon arises, as if the twin-walled darkness had bledIn one great spasm of birth and given us this new, red moon-rise
Which lies on the knees of the darkness bloody, and makes us hide our eyes. The train beats frantic in haste, and struggles away
From this ruddy terror of birth that has slid down
From out of the loins of night to flame our way
With fear; but God, I am glad, so glad that I drown
My terror with joy of confirmation, for now
Lies God all red before me, and I am glad,As the Magi were when they saw the rosy brow
Of the Infant bless their constant folly which had
Brought them thither to God: for now I know
That the Womb is a great red passion whence rises all
The shapeliness that decks us here-below:Yea like the fire that boils within this ball
Of earth, and quickens all herself with flowers,God burns within the stiffened clay of us;And every flash of thought that we and ours
Send up to heaven, and every movement, does
Fly like a spark from this God-fire of passion;And pain of birth, and joy of begetting,And sweat of labour, and the meanest fashion
Of fretting or of gladness, but the jetting
Of a trail of the great fire against the sky
Where we can see it, a jet from the innermost fire:And even in the watery shells that lie
Alive within the oozy under-mire,A grain of this same fire I can descry. And then within the screaming birds that fly
Across the lightning when the storm leaps higher;And then the swirling, flaming folk that try
To come like fire-flames at their fierce desire,They are as earth's dread, spurting flames that ply
Awhile and gush forth death and their expire.And though it be love's wet blue eyes that cry
To hot love to relinquish its desire,Still in their depths I see the same red spark
As rose tonight upon us from the dark.

Mar 9, 2017

Favorite Harry Potter Quotes

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Hey there Moontales :)

June 26, 1997, United Kingdom release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The following year it was released in the United States and all over the world. Instant classic.

There has been 6 books since then, 7 overall. It has given us incredible movies and memories, great for all ages. Beyond that it has given us inspirational, memorable quotes.

Today I would like to share some of my favorite Harry Potter Quotes. Now since there are 7 books in the series, I have narrowed it down to 8.
1st quote being my favorite of all time. And the rest will be in no order

If you would like to know more of my favorite HP quotes (since there is a ton more I love) then make sure to tell me in the comments or on instagram 
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Mar 2, 2017

4 Reasons Why I Could Never be a Youtuber

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In the age of technology, creating videos online has become the new profession. Even more popular than blogging. One video gone viral can make you $1000s, give you a reality show and more. Blogging has it's perks but you don't see many bloggers with reality shows or on the Today show.

All fun and dandy to be a Youtuber but it is certainly not for me.

Q- Do you prefer Youtube or Blogging?? Leave in the comments down below


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