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Mar 28, 2017

Pros + Cons of Living in a Motel

March 28, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey hey

So as you might know I have been living in a motel for the past month. This was a decision all on my own. I thought life would get better and my dog would be happier. My dog does seem happier since he is away from my horrible neighbor who hates him. Life has gotten a bit better.

Like apartments, motels has their pros and cons. So if you are thinking of moving into a motel for awhile be sure to read this


1. Pro- Free Cable TV

For sure a pro for me since I have not had cable tv in a few years

Con- Not Many Cable Channels

Ahh yes you got to take the good with the bad I guess. If you are getting a cheaper motel then you can expect less cable channels. More expensive hotels will give you premium channels

2. Pro- Free Breakfast

Like the cable, this is only if you are in more expensive hotels

Con- No Free Breakfast where I am

This may be a con however there is many restaurants and even a super market down the street so it's no big deal really

3. Pro- Free Wifi

Many hotels give you free wifi, you just have to ask

Con- Slow Wifi

The wifi is not the best

4. Pro- Less Stress

Sure you have to deal with the cost for the room but you don't have to worry about cable, water, lights, heat... And it could be like a mini vacation. Honestly every month you should take a night and spend it at a motel. You will come back more happy

Con- Not knowing what to do next

You are living in a motel now, that could be expensive but you also need to save up for a new place. You don't want to live in the motel forever do you?? No. This could add a small amount of stress on you. Take one day at a time is my advise

Mar 26, 2017

Best Anime Vendor Ever

March 26, 2017 0 Opinions

Anime is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Which makes a lot of comic vendors want to branch out into the Anime selling field. But where do you as a vendor start? You start by learning all about Anime and selling to fans. This is easy with the help of Selling To Heroes, Villains and Geeks; An insider's guide for new anime vendors

In Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks teaches new vendors
  • Spot popular and trending anime and manga series
  • Purchase authentic Japanese merchandise that makes you the most popular booth in the aisle
  • Deftly avoid rookie mistakes
  • Put into action the traits practiced by successful vendors
  • Make money right out the gate
  •  It starts by focusing on understanding and targeting customers, emphasizing the importance of offering exclusive or unique merchandise, how to navigate Japan - - finding up-and-coming anime shows and purchasing their merchandise not available in the US - - and setting the right price to get the most profit. New vendors will learn how to develop a merchandise and business plan and avoid hidden sand traps that sink most new vendors. The book includes valuable worksheets to help new vendors launch their business smoothly and be completely prepared for their first anime/comic convention.

These are all key points that you, the vendor must know in order to make the big money from Anime readers
Right below is a link to the Selling To Heroes, Villains and Geeks; An insider's guide for new anime vendors video  trailer staring Tian Wang, Peter Sudarso and international  cosplayer Vampy Bit Me. Make sure you go Check it out and leave a comment

 Anime Vendor  

You can order the book by ebook $20, paperback $25 or even audio $20 :0 All with free shipping
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Mar 23, 2017

My Favorite Titanic Quotes

March 23, 2017 0 Opinions
April 15, 1912 early am, the 'the unsinkable' Titanic crashed into an iceberg and sank. 

May 31, 1991 a movie based on the sinking of the ship came out. The movie 'Titanic' spawned stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet amongst others. 

The movie gave us many infamous quotes including


Today I will share some of my favorite Titanic movie quotes.  Favorite Harry Potter Quotes

Make sure to comment down below your favorite quote from the movie or tell me on twitter 
Tell me what movie I should do next for quotes

Mar 21, 2017

Favorite Poetry

March 21, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there :)

March 21 marks World Poetry Day so I decided why not post my favorite poetry. So enjoy

I think my favorite poetry is love

Edgar Allen Poe- 

This guy was pure genius

The Raven

The Tell Tale Heart

William Shakespeare 

The guy who created Romeo & Juliet

his work

Dr. Maya Angelou 

D.H Lawrence 

I just learnt about him today but he is amazing

http://www.blackcatpoems.com/l/d_h_lawrence.html This website has a ton of poets and their poetry. I suggest going there for more

RRed Moon Rise

he train in running across the weald has fallen into a steadier stroke
So even, it beats like silence, and sky and earth in one unbroke 
Embrace of darkness lie around, and crushed between them all the loose
And littered lettering of leaves and hills and houses closed, and we can use
The open book of landscape no more, for the covers of darkness have shut upon
Its written pages, and sky and earth and all between are closed in one. And we are smothered between the darkness, we close our eyes and say "Hush!" we try
To escape in sleep the terror of this immense deep darkness, and we lie
Wrapped up for sleep. And then, dear God, from out of the twofold darkness, red
As if from the womb the moon arises, as if the twin-walled darkness had bledIn one great spasm of birth and given us this new, red moon-rise
Which lies on the knees of the darkness bloody, and makes us hide our eyes. The train beats frantic in haste, and struggles away
From this ruddy terror of birth that has slid down
From out of the loins of night to flame our way
With fear; but God, I am glad, so glad that I drown
My terror with joy of confirmation, for now
Lies God all red before me, and I am glad,As the Magi were when they saw the rosy brow
Of the Infant bless their constant folly which had
Brought them thither to God: for now I know
That the Womb is a great red passion whence rises all
The shapeliness that decks us here-below:Yea like the fire that boils within this ball
Of earth, and quickens all herself with flowers,God burns within the stiffened clay of us;And every flash of thought that we and ours
Send up to heaven, and every movement, does
Fly like a spark from this God-fire of passion;And pain of birth, and joy of begetting,And sweat of labour, and the meanest fashion
Of fretting or of gladness, but the jetting
Of a trail of the great fire against the sky
Where we can see it, a jet from the innermost fire:And even in the watery shells that lie
Alive within the oozy under-mire,A grain of this same fire I can descry. And then within the screaming birds that fly
Across the lightning when the storm leaps higher;And then the swirling, flaming folk that try
To come like fire-flames at their fierce desire,They are as earth's dread, spurting flames that ply
Awhile and gush forth death and their expire.And though it be love's wet blue eyes that cry
To hot love to relinquish its desire,Still in their depths I see the same red spark
As rose tonight upon us from the dark.

Mar 19, 2017

Meeting My Dad

March 19, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there :) 

So last we left off, Moonshine went back to the woods where she met who the mysterious eyes belonged to. This time she is confronting her mom about what she learned from the eyes. 

Link to the first 2 parts is down below
Part 1
Part 2

This post is a bit different. It takes place as Moonshine writes in her diary. At the end is a special Moonpup diary. Leave a comment if you want more of this story or another Moonshine story. Enjoy


Mar 16, 2017

Forever Lonely

March 16, 2017 0 Opinions
Do you ever feel like you will never find any friend or any boyfriend/girlfriend?? Yeah that is how I feel all the time. Really it has been years since I have had an actual friend. 10 or so. 

Below is my story of how I feel that I will be forever lonely. If you relate then be sure to tell me down in the comments

Mar 14, 2017

Am I normal Part 2

March 14, 2017 0 Opinions
So a few months ago I did a post called 'Am I Normal' read here
Basically explaining all the odd things my brain thinks of.

I decided I have even more to share. I find myself thinking of these things every so often. So here is 'Am I Normal Part 2'

My question- Do you think like this also?? Comment down below


It's hard to explain so I will try my best.

  •  I see my dog. I get sad that he can't use the computer, talk... It upsets me.
  •  I hear the cats outside. All alone in the freezing cold/ boiling hot weather. No body to love them or feed them. Getting into fights, sleeping worrying if someone will attack them
  • I would hate to be them. And wonder if I die will I get reborn as a dog or homeless cat or bird.
  • I don't want to buy many things since I know I will eventually die. What will happen to them when I die? No one is going to want my things. Epically if I don't have kids to hand it down to. They will just wind up in the trash if I die. So why buy it? 
  • I always put myself in my dogs shoes. I am on my phone when he is sleeping. He doesn't get the chance to wear sunglasses so why should I

Mar 12, 2017

A Vampires Kiss Conclusion

March 12, 2017 1 Opinions
Be sure to read Part 1 before here reading Part 2

All throughout the party Moonshine could think of no other thing but those eyes. Tried all she could to have fun but to no avail.
Those eyes she felt she saw them before. Who were they and what did they want from her??

Luckily at the end of the party, Moonshine was able to get a ride from a friend so she didn't have to go in the woods again. Although she kind of wanted to.

'Oh Moonpup I know I am not crazy' she says to Moonpup as she got ready for bed

'I know those were eyes from a human. Well at least not an animal. And i know i seen those eyes before'

Tossing and turning side to side, Moonshine could not sleep a wink. She knew what she had to do. She had to go back into the woods at night and find those eyes. It was the only way.

She begun to feel lightheaded as if the world was spinning. It must be from the lack of sleep, she thought. She could barley keep her mind on anything else now she had to deal with being sick and sleep deprived.

Maybe Moonshine was losing her mind. She decided just to stay in bed all day and rest.

Later that day...

The sun began to set and Moonshine was feeling better.

'It must have been lack of sleep Moonpup. All I needed to do was rest. And now I shall go back to the woods and try to find those eyes.'

Moonpup jumped around wagging his tail.

'Oh I'm sorry Moonpup, you can't come it might be too dangerous' Moonpup's ears went back as he whimpered.

Moonshine felt bad to leave Moonpup alone but she didn't know what was in the woods and did not want to risk his life from her curiousity.

It was just past midnight now as Moonshine left her place. Her hands shook as she locked the front door. With a deep breath in, she was off to the woods.

The rain fell on the trees and across her face. She took her hand to wipe the rain off her face. Gently she wiped off her eyes. When she opened them, she saw those bright eyes coming from the trees again.

     'Hello' You could feel the fear in her voice as she spoke to the eyes.

     'Moonshine it is I' The eyes spoke with a deep whispery voice.

Blam, she hit the ground her face white as a ghost. Taken by surprise that the eyes knew her name. Her life flashed before her eyes. Moonpup was just a puppy, she didn't want to leave him alone. What would he do without her?? Body shaking, she put her hands behind her and slowly got up.

        'Who, Who are you?? And how do you know my name??' Her voice shaken with fear, she could hardly speak.

The eyes came out from behind the trees. A man dressed in torn black jeans and a white shirt
                    'Moonshine I am your dad.'

Moonshine froze in place, heart beating like a drum. What was this guy on? How dare he says he was her dad when she just saw her dad last night. She looked at him puzzled.
This guy did look like me, she said in her head.

          'My dad? You can't be serious as I just saw my dad yesterday. Who are you and why are you pretending to be my dad?'

His left hand when into the front pocket of his pants. A photo he pulled out.

                  'Look.'   He moved forward trying to give the photo to Moonshine.

She kept moving back but saw a glimpse of the photo. It was her as a kid. She wanted to run away but she could not move. She could not believe this man had a photo of her in his pocket. What kind of maniac was he??

'I don't get it. Why do you have a photo of me?

'I told you, I am your dad. Listen I know this is a lot to take in but I have something else to tell you'

'Like what you are God? Oh wait no you are part tree. Like I believe that you are my father. You may look like me but maybe you are my crazy uncle' She nervously giggled

'Ha no Moonshine, but I am a vampire' The mans bright purple eyes gazing right into Moonshines purple eyes

'Haha omg you are seriously a loser. Like I would believe that you are a vampire. Are you high or drunk?' Moonshine smirked slowly backing away from what she believed was an insane man.

It's ok Moonshine. Leave, you can come back when you process all this. I am being serious about everything dear daughter. Tell your mother you met Robert, she will know who I am. Trust me.' The man said as he slowly backed into behind the trees.

Moonshine didn't know what to think but she knew she had to run home, fast. She ran quicker then she normally could. Quick enough to make the leaves on the ground dance in the air.

'Wow' She was amazed that she could run that fast. Maybe the man was telling the truth about being a vampire or maybe she ran fast due to fear.

She decided to go in and try to get some sleep. Maybe it was all a dream...

So do you think Moonshine was dreaming, gone crazy or was all this real? Tell me what you think in the comments down below. And if you liked it, then there may just be a 3rd part coming. A new tale in the story

Mar 9, 2017

Favorite Harry Potter Quotes

March 09, 2017 0 Opinions
Hey there Moontales :)

June 26, 1997, United Kingdom release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The following year it was released in the United States and all over the world. Instant classic.

There has been 6 books since then, 7 overall. It has given us incredible movies and memories, great for all ages. Beyond that it has given us inspirational, memorable quotes.

Today I would like to share some of my favorite Harry Potter Quotes. Now since there are 7 books in the series, I have narrowed it down to 8.
1st quote being my favorite of all time. And the rest will be in no order

If you would like to know more of my favorite HP quotes (since there is a ton more I love) then make sure to tell me in the comments, twitter or on instagram 
Make sure to leave your favorite quote in the comments or on my social media


Mar 2, 2017

4 Reasons Why I Could Never be a Youtuber

March 02, 2017 4 Opinions
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In the age of technology, creating videos online has become the new profession. Even more popular than blogging. One video gone viral can make you $1000s, give you a reality show and more. Blogging has it's perks but you don't see many bloggers with reality shows or on the Today show.

All fun and dandy to be a Youtuber but it is certainly not for me.

Q- Do you prefer Youtube or Blogging?? Leave in the comments down below



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