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Jan 1, 2017

Ringing in 2017

  Ring in the New Year and start your writing on the all new Amazon Fire Tablet. Features all your favorite apps on a bigger screen then a smart phone. Perfect for writing down notes on the go

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hope you have a blast celebrating the year. Honestly for me it didn't feel like New Years Eve or anything. I just was not into it this year. Reasons I am not sure of. But I did have a good New Years Eve day, I caught a ton new Pokemon on Pokemon Go so that was fun.

What are you New Year 2017 resolutions?? Leave a comment down below or Tweet Me 

I am excited for this year

On The Blog in 2017

I have a ton of goals for my blog this year. You can read them here 

On Friday, the blog is getting a whole new url!!!! If you have not noticed my twitter and instagram and pinterest all have been changed to another name. Crossing my fingers the name is still available on Friday so I can make the switch.
 Both this blog and my mental health blog here will both be converted into one

I have even been working on a bunch of short stories involving my character Moonshine and Moonpup. Be tuned for that

And once again I will be trying to do this writing challenge by http://instagram.com/breath_words whom I also have an upcoming interview post of. I am not sure right now how many times I will be partaking in this event so make sure you check my twitter and follow me to know when new posts are

Basically it. So stayed tuned

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