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Dec 28, 2016

Meet Moonshine

December 28, 2016 2 Opinions
*Before we start I made a Free Printable, blank motivational calendar. You can get it here *

Tell me in the comments if you wish for me to write more about Moonshine and Moonpup. If you do, then give me a place or situation in which you would like to read. You can Tweet me also here 

Maybe my love for the moon started when I was younger. I was told I was born during the peak of the August full moon aka the Sturgeon Moon. I had no friends so I would look up to the moon and pray that I would someday. She became my best friend. Every night I would talk to her, telling her my biggest dreams, fears, basically everything.  Always there for me when I needed her and I knew she would always be there.

 My mom always told me my smile was as bright as the moon which is how she got my name Moonshine. She is my light. She tells me to look up at the moon when I feel lonely and know she is always staring back at me sending me love no matter how far away we are.

My love for moons made me name my puppy Moonpup. He lays right next to me on summer nights when we go outside to look at the moon. He is my angel whom I got just months after my mom's passing

Dec 22, 2016

You Must See This Drawing

December 22, 2016 1 Opinions
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 I have exciting news!!!! I have created some characters!!!!

This is the reason I have been so behind on creating the December Writing Challenge post. I have been trying to draw these guys :)

The characters and story

Meet Moonshine.  She is a girl who loves to have fun. She also loves the moon, stars and sitting outside viewing the stars with her dog

Moonpup- A small little guy, Moonpup  loves balls, things that squeaks, playing, butterflies, moon, stars, his mommy.,

I will be making coloring calendars once I find someone who can draw haha. And stay tuned for more creations along with stories


Dec 17, 2016

2017 Blogging Goals

December 17, 2016 0 Opinions
Imagine 2017 being a year of change. Yeah I think everyone in the world wants this to happen. 2016 sucked to be honest. Ha

Big plans coming to my blog in 2017

Look out for the new changes. I will of course post an update everywhere when the new things happen!!!!
blog goals 2017

Create a website

I want to finally get out of the blogspot.com domain and use my own You can do it via blogger for $12 a year which is not bad.

Combine the two blogs I have + more. If you don't know I have another blog here

I already have a name picked out. Hope it will be there when I can afford it :0

Post Better Photos

This has always been hard for me. However I have been transforming my Instagram into having better photos.

Currently for blogging I use http://www.picfont.com which is a site where you can add text to your photos. Or add text to one of their photos. Great site but if I am going to get my own domain, then I want to do better photos

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