Jun 18, 2018

Best Sites for Free Stuff

*I am in no way sponsored by any of the following sites. I found them all by Google because I love getting free things in the mail. Wish they were sponsored but nope*

If you are like me then you love free things. Especially when it comes to stationary aka notebooks and pens. 

There are many sites where you can request free samples of any sort of product. 

Since I am no good with intros, let's get right into the post. 

So here are: 

Jun 3, 2018

Top Tips for Dealing with Money Anxiety

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Welcome. So it's no secret that the world loves money. Money is the source of all things in life. The source of the good and the evil.

Which brings us to know that it is no a secret that money stresses a person out. What happens when that stress of money conquers your mind 24/7 causing your world to go insane??

That my friend is called Money Anxiety which is a very real form of standard anxiety. One which more and more Americans are dealing with these days.

   You worry about:

gifts during the holidays
money for other things you want 
vacations example

I know all this because my mom has it. The constant not being able to sleep, smoking more than usual, not eating.. 

May 31, 2018

Writing With Depression- Bonnie McConaughy

 Affiliate link- 160 page workbook full of interesting and helpful things that you can do to be more happy. I have been loving this book. There are so many workbook/ journal type books on Amazon that will help with this

So the other day I posted a guest post which you can read here and today I am back with another. This one is by Bonnie McConaughy. Here she talks about writing with depression. Such a wonderful post with great tips.
Her links are down below↓↓↓↓ so go follow her everywhere, comment, like, pin, tweet...


Author: Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You (www.inspirethebestyou.wordpress.com), where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. If you are interested in those topics, stop by and read her blog! She is also a freelance and ghostwriter (www.bmcconaughy.weebly.com).


May 28, 2018

What Is Your Legacy?

If you look up Legacy you will find it means 'something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past” (Webster). It also means how someone is remembered, and what contributions they made while they were alive'

With my mental health issues, I always think of dying and what I will be remember for. What will my legacy be?? This is tough for my to answer since I don't have children, hate people, no friends, basically have done nothing in life 😔😔 

So think of this question. Really think about it. I know it may be morbid but you don't want to be just dust left in the world. You want to be remembered. Continue reading if you need some ideas 


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