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My Letter to Self Harm

*May be triggering*

Hey guys so I decided to do a repost of this post I did back in late 2017. I think writing this helped me come to some understanding of my self harm. 

I wanted to inspire you to write to your mental health. Tell it how you feel and how you will try to overcome it

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Car

*This post is sponsored*

Keeping your car in good shape is just as important as anything in life. Especially since you rely on the car everyday and to keep you, your family and others safe on the road. 
I compiled a list to help you do this. Here are my 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Car

If you have any other tips that I missed then feel free to leave them in the comments down below

March Blogging Goals

March is quickly a coming which means so is spring!!!! My favorite season by the way. So I want to be cleaning my blog up, spring cleaning one may say. I thought why not share with you my goals for the upcoming month. I will be getting a computer soon which will make all this stuff a  heck of alot easier. So this is My March Blogging Goals 

What would you like to improve on your blog in March?? Tell me down in the comments. 

This Will Kill Your Pet

Hey sorry about this post being so odd looking. I honestly am not sure why it came out like that but hey. Enjoy

The Post

You are eating your favorite food when all of a sudden you hear a whimper. Your dog wants a piece. You can't resist those big, puppy dogs eyes so you give them a bite.

Five minutes later your dog is throwing up, barley able to stand, horribly sick. What happened?? You contact the vet immediately. They ask you what did your dog recently eat. You give them the list. They reply with an 'Oh no they can't have __, you have to induce vomiting right away. If that doesn't clear up then bring them to the vet.

What did you feed them that could been so bad?? Oh so many things people can eat, dog's can not. 

I complied a list of what is safe and not safe for dogs. I keep this list on my refrigerator at all times so I know I don't give him the wrong food.

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