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May 24, 2019

Dating for Friendship

May 24, 2019 4 Opinions


Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. Today we shall be diving into this quote i found that I love. It has me thinking of life and our pursuit of love. Summer is close and many of us will be looking for that summer fling“

We love because it’s the only true adventure.”Nikki Giovanni

What does this quote mean to you?

To me it means that love is an adventure. Which is very true. It can be an adventure of fun and happiness. Or one of heartbreak and lessons.

We go on casual nostringsdating net for fun and to find if another person is compatible with us. We don't relize that we could be finding a best friend instead of a lover.

We can imagine many movies having plots like this. In the movie 'Greace'  Danny and Sandy find each other on summer vacation and have a little fling. Once summer is over, they imagine that their fling was to be over. Well they were wrong. We see them meet up in high school when Sandy transfers. The summer fling eventually turns out to be a lasting love and friendship between the two.

Then we have the movie 'No Strings Attached,' casual sex dating between friends. That is all it was supposed to be but then the friends wind up falling for each other. This shows that we can find love in unexpected ways. Between someone whoum we never thought was possible.

Causal dating can lead to a relationship that ends with nothing but friendship. I am reminded of the show 'Friends' where Joey and Rachel are friends, date and become friends again. 

It can happen if a breakup is mutual.. and there is no hard feelings.  You may be saying 'yeah to the lucky ones' Which is very true. You have to have a great friendship in the start to be able to be friends after a breakup. It can happen though.

There are twist and turns in love just like in any adventure. Opening up your heart to another is one of the most terrifying yet rewarding thing a person can do. It is an adventure of digging deep in the soul to relize that you deserve love.  You can go in to find love then come out with a best friend. You can go in and find heartbreak like never before. There is no map or book to guide you or tell you if it will work with John.

You, your soul and your heart go on this adventure alone. You have to decide wether or not to take the risk. No one should tell you who to date. It is your life and you adventure to go on. It is you lesson to learn. That ks what is great about adventures, no matter what it is there is always a lesson to be learnt.
I love where things teach you a lesson.
I guess what I have to offer for you on this post is to remind you to Have Fun when dating. It is an adventure that we all take. Even animals have their way of dating.
Don't go into a date thinking that it end in one or 2 ways. Since a date can end in many ways. You just have to be open to taking the adventure. Hopefully this post made sense and was not just a bunch of gibberish.

Here is to you finding love, happinesses and enjoying the adventure of life. See you next time.

May 19, 2019

How to be Successful at Dating Over 40

May 19, 2019 2 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. 

Fathers always say to daughters 'you can't date until 50'. As kids, we like to disobey our parents. Not to mention teen puberty and thinking everyone is cute. When we turn adults, we realize that maybe dad was correct because dating can be just awful. 

The asking someone out, first dates, kiss or no... The breakups can just destroy someone's self esteem. Like I said it can be wicked hard. Kids take warning and listen to your parents. 

 Over 50 dating is even worse. People think when you are that age, you have to have life all figured out. Sometimes you don't even at the age of 90. If you don't have it figured out then people will just write you off as being a loser or failure. Which I can promise you that you are not. Life is harder then dating. 

When an older person looks younger, they attract younger mates. Younger mates tend to think that since you are older, you have money. They will play games to get you to date them. Then they will start taking advantage of you and your money. If you don't have the money to support this person, then it would be over quick. They will go looking for someone else. 

 I have some tips to be safer. These are things I have learned from watching my mom date. Advise that my mom has given me about dating.

1. Be sure to go to a public place for a date
   This will make sure that you are safe. You never know really who is lying about their age online or even a serial killer

2. Get to know this person

  Speople are not always what they seem. People can be nice just to get you attracted to them. Then in a few months, their real personalities start to appear.
 Maybe you discover this person who said had a job lied and is actually too lazy or wants you to pay for them

3. Be honest but don't tell this person everything

    Sure you want to say to your potential mate that you have kids. However, you don't need to tell your life story. Nor do you have to tell this person all your family's name. Keep the important things private.

4. If you can, get a background check on your potential mate

    This will help you not be scammed and can save your life. This also will help you on the first date since you know if this person is lying about anything. They say that they have not committed a crime but you know they have. You will know if they are lying about their age or if they are married.
Just be sure not to tell that you did a background check on them before or during the first date. I mean you can but it might end the date

5. Don't trust too easy

  Sure John has beautiful eyes that make the sky jealous but that doesn't mean he can be trusted. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. John may be married or may be taken advantage of you. You will be sure to regret it if you trust him before you get too know him well enough.

6. Lower your standards a bit
  I know this is hard as you still want that special someone. However, you never know that special someone could be the opposite of what you want. Not to mention mature dating is hard.  So be a little more open to different people.

That is all I have for this post today. It is ok to be single over the age of 40 or any age. It is ok to not have it all together. You will find that certain someone just be a bit more open. Have fun in dating but do be sure to keep safe

May 15, 2019

What Matchmakers Should Do

May 15, 2019 0 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. 

Finding love can be hard. Which is why sometimes we need some help. That is where a matchmaker comes in. A matchmaker is someone who will help match you with a potential mate. This person can either be professional, friend or even a website like dating sites uk or WeLoveDates

I have to say though, that if I were a matchmaker then I would do things a bit differ. 
What would you do different?? Leave that answer down in the comments

1. I would name my site or business 'Love by the Moon' 
*Note- I am not sure if this name is taken or not. I am not actually going to use this name. I am just telling you what I would do. What name I would want my site to be like*

2. I would take on all kinds of people. Any sexual orientation, color of skin, religion, any income... No one would be off limits (besides child predators, wanting to date animals) 

3. It would be one on one.  No other clients besides the one I am trying to find love for. That way I can focus my time on helping this person. Make the person not a number, a money sign or anything like that. 

4. My client and I would meet for coffee or lunch. That way I can learn what their interest are, dislikes and all that stuff. 

5. I would be real with my client. Tell them what they need to hear. Tell them if they are being too picky or not picky enough. Honesty is the best policy. 
Honest without being too harsh. 

I want to not make them have false hope that this will work out. It might not. One can try a matchmaker then wind up finding love on their own. Or the matchmaking may not work. Which is fine because when the time is right, you will find love. Maybe the time is not right. 
Not because my 'skills' are lacking or you need to do something different or find some other Matchmaker. No, because life has a funny way of doing things

6.  A background check on all clients and their potential mate. That way I can know if they are being honest with me. I don't want to set someone up with a person who committed a horrible crime. I also don't want to work with one who did either

This background check would also be on me to give to my clients. That way they know who is trying to set them up. 

7. I would be sure to not charge so much. Not many people can afford to spend $30 to find love. Nor should they have to spend that much to find love.
It would be free with a $10 charge if there is a 2cd date. 

8.. I would set my client up with one person at a time. Sites normally show you 40 different people and expect you to choose from them based on a photo. I don't think that is how it should work. Narrow down who the person should meet. 
Have the person meet one person then another if that date does not work out. 

Many online sites don't do most of these things. 
There are websites for various types of people but there are none for all types of people. 
Websites fail to background check which is why it can be scary sometimes. You never know if you are talking to the person they say they are or a completely different person. 
Many sites charge a lot of money. 

That is all I have for this post here today  I do sure hope you enjoyed it. It is always fun imagining what you woild do different in business. You never know, maybe I will get into matchmaking haha.
We all deserve love. If you try a dating site or matchmaker then just be careful. If it fails you then that is fine. Like I said, you will find the love you deserve. 
You can check out my post to be sure you are not dating someone toxic by clicking here

*I have included a printable full of questions for you and your potential mate to answer. You both must answer the same questions and be as truthful as possible. My hope with this is to make your date a little less stressful. Hopefully from this you guys will find something in common. Hopefully it won't totally wreck the date. So be sure to get that by clicking here *

May 12, 2019

How to be Sure You Got a Great Friend

May 12, 2019 1 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

Friendships come and friendships go, this we know is certain. The best friendships last forever even if you drift away. You know you can still count on that friend and reconnect with them once you see them again.

Recently I did a post called 8 Top Ways to Tell if You Have a Toxic Friendship , which has been one of my most popular post ever!! Thank you for that :) Today I decided to go the opposite route and tell you if you have a great friendship. 

I know this should be a topic that we really don't need to discuss since it should be obvious. However, from my past post I can tell that maybe some people need some help. So be sure you read both posts so you can be sure that you are getting the best out of all the friendship you try to make.

You deserve to have a great friend.
You don't deserve a toxic friend.
I know it can be hard to build friendships (maybe I can help you with that in a future post, even if I don't really know how myself. Comment if you would like to see that)  but it can be done
Space background with text
Be sure to comment down below any other keys that would tell you a friendship is great

May 7, 2019

Top Tips to Live Your Best Life

May 07, 2019 0 Opinions
Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. 

Today I am talking about healthy food options. I will also be talking about health mental options. Since summer is coming up and we all want to look our best. Eating healthy is not just for summer either, it is for all year round. I know one of my goals for 2019 was to look and feel my best. I want to help you do the same. 

So let us get into what we need to do in order to look and feel our best. 

*Ps- I am not a nutritionist nor am I a therapist. I am  just a friend blogger who wishes everyone to live their best life. I am also a friend blogger who wants to help you live your best life *

1. Stay hydrated

    This is key for the summer and all year round. Did you know that if you feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated?? Yup Google it. 
The best way to stay hydrated is water, flavored water or a sports drink like Gatorade. 
Make sure you drink every hour. More frequently if you are outside in the heat. 

You don't want to end up in the hospital with tubes in your arms because you were too busy having fun to hydrate

2. Eat healthy

   This is important if you want to reach your body goals. Be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. 
Limit your fast food intake. 

Don't listen to diet fads, listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs in order to be heathly. Just don't give in every single time it says to run to Burger King for a burger

3. Exercise

   They say 'burn more calories then you take in' This does not mean to stop eating or eat less. This means to watch what you eat and make sure you burn off the calories somehow.

In the summer it is very easy to burn off calories, which is why staying hydrated is key. 
In the summer also, it is best to get your exercise in the early morning or late evening. This way you are not working out in the heat. 

4. Mental exercise

   Summer sadness is as much real as winter sadness. We see people being confident and looking great in their swimsuits, having a blast in the heat, finding summer love... 
Sure you can eat right and exercise all you want, but you can still feel bad about how you look. 

Be sure to take some time to yourself to do the things you want to. 
Do not be afraid to say no. 
Do not be afraid to spend those warm summer nights/days alone in your room watching Netflix or reading a book. 

Everyone needs a break from people sometimes in order to clear their mind. Make sure to take your break as your mind will thank you. 

Read my post on new ways to destress here

*If you need more help then feel free to click on my Resources Page here There are many, many places that will help with all sorts of things one can go through

Apr 15, 2019

How to Learn from Past Embarrassments

April 15, 2019 0 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog

  Today we are taking a stroll down memory lane. I decided to do this post since 1. I saw it on https://digitalbutterfly.life/guest-blog-posts/  2. I am in the middle of packing this weekend and wanted to get a quick post out but not a re-upload of an old post.

Not that this headline or topic will get me more shares or drive traffic or a high score on https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer but it's a fun post to share. (When you add this just to increase the number of words on your blog)

Today we will be looking at some of the most embarrassing moments from my childhood. Trust me there is a bunch. Hopefully, I am getting them all accurate since they say your memories are not true to what happened. I have decided to tell 3 of the stories. I hope you will find some humor in one and some life lessons in the others.

Enjoy my trauma :)

If you would like to see more stories from my childhood or recent years then please tell me in the comments or on my Instagram Be sure to share some moments from your childhood in the comments or in your post. If you write a post then leave your link


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