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Aug 19, 2018

The Blogging Wish List

August 19, 2018 0 Comments

 Hey there. Today I just decided to share my wishlist with you. I mean it is August which is also my birthday month!!!! So I decided why not.
I am also going to share with you my Christmas Wish List sometime in December as part of my 2018 1st annual #Blogmas posts. So be sure to follow the blog for that fun time.

Some of these in my list today will be mainly to help with blog posts. You will see how when I show you them. While others will be for my personal benefit ;) Which I will also do reviews on here.

I will also be adding this post to my Bucket List page for future viewing.

Now I am not asking for help, however, if you would like to help with the getting of these things then I have added some information ⬇️⬇️

To Help with my Wish List

  • Click on one or two of my ads which is usually located on the side in the web browser or on the bottom of a mobile browser. These are of course my Google Adsense ads. 

  • Sending my money via Paypal at the email 

Leave a comment down below what item you like the best and what item is on your wish list. 

Aug 9, 2018

Never Lose Your Things Again

August 09, 2018 0 Comments

*I am not being paid to write this post. I was sent this product to review. These are my honest thoughts*

If you are like me, you misplace your things all the time. I can not tell you how many times a day I am like where is my phone only to find it on the counter. If my phone is on ringtone, then my dog can find it that is if I have another phone to call.

I once left my sunglasses inside the store, went home looking for them and had to go all the way back to the store to get it. Thankfully no one took it.

See we misplace things all the time. The worst is them being in the public area like my sunglasses, where people can take them. So what can you do?? Is there a product that is not bulky that I can put on my phone, wallet or purse?

Well I got news for you, there is. The item is called Trak-n-Return. 

Jul 31, 2018

You Need Help-Journaling 101

July 31, 2018 4 Comments

Hey there and welcome to the first ever post in my new series You Need Help. Here I will be going in-depth on all sorts of topics from mental health to relationships to animals to notebook collecting. Come to think of it, I should have started with my Best Sites for Free Stuff post instead of this one but oh well.

Journaling 101

I have noticed journaling has become extremely popular these days. Good reason since it is affordable, creative, stress reducing and fun. 

Since I know so many new people are starting their very first journal. I thought I would help. I never really done a journal post before so this will be the first of many. 

I have been wanting to create a journal myself. This would be pokemon related but yours, of course, does not have to be. We can go on this journey together. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and the blog so you can see the updates for my journal also. If you would like more tips then feel free to tell me down in the comments below
Be sure to send me photos of your journal notebook so I can see. Maybe inspire some others as well. Tag me on Instagram and use #JournalSupplies

Jul 16, 2018

4 Improved Ways To Destress

July 16, 2018 14 Comments

There are many various ways to relieve stress, examples include journaling, bath, nap, yoga… However, I think we should come up with some new ways. These ways above are good but tired and said in every stress post. #boring

I wrecked my brain coming up with some new ways that you may have heard or not have heard before. These I think are great tips. Some do include some exclusions which we will talk about when we get to them.

I do hope you enjoy what I came up with. Go ahead and try them to see how they work out for you.

Do you got some new ways to destress? Please leave it in the comments. Or you can go on Twitter with the #NewWaysToDestress If you do that, then I will retweet and follow some people.

Jul 8, 2018

Mid Year 2018 Favorites

July 08, 2018 0 Comments

*No sponsors here sadly. All just things that I have loved*

We have made it past the halfway mark of 2018!!!! To celebrate, I decided to do a favorites

Normally I don't do these since I am just one who barely changes anything up. That would just be boring saying the same product month after month. I tend to like mid-year and end of the year favorites anyways since you know what the person actually has been using for more than a month. Not to mention its better to recommend something that you used for more than a few days. Which is basically what favorite is right? 

  I have done a March blogging goals (which you can view here )before but that is different. I only did one of those. Now I just do a Bucket List here for you to see what I wish to accomplish. 

This post will have many photos so you are warned. With that being said, let us jump right into the Mid Year Favorites.

Leave a comment if you would like to see a year-end favorites post when the time comes.
Leave a comment telling me what your favorite thing has been also

Jul 2, 2018

Pokemon Is Abusive

July 02, 2018
My Pokemon Go Trainer Code

Ash, Misty, Willow, Brock. I am sure you have heard this before. Or you may be new to this news. How could the beloved tv show franchise that has been around over 20 years, be abusive? 

We all know Pokemon Go the mobile game is great for social anxiety but could it be considered abuse to Pokemon?? 

My goal is not to make you hate Pokemon, stop watching the show or not enjoy the games. No. It is rather to get your thoughts on this topic. 

Did you ever consider this idea?
Did you know? 
Are you more aware of it now that you are older than when you were younger? 

Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Will this new information change your mind on the series?

So lets get into it:


I am not a doctor or therapist, just a person/blogger who tries to help others. This is my own personal experience so these tips may not work for you. Make sure to see an actual person with a degree if you need help. Don't go by just my blog. I am not nor is Fablemoon Says responsible for any actions you take. These posts are 100% my own unless stated otherwise. Any sponsored posts will have a disclaimer in the start of the posts. I may occasionally do affiliate links but not often